Research Guides to Jewish Studies: Social Work

Using JTS Library's Aleph Catalog

Access JTS's catalog from any Internet computer, on or off campus, by pointing the browser to and follow the link to: ALEPH LIBRARY CATALOG.

A. You know the exact title of a book, video or album.
  • Type the exact title (omit initial article: a, an, the)
B. You need books by a specific author or editor.
C. You need books on a specific subject.

1. via Subject Headings:


2. via Keyword :

  • Type keywords from your research topic, into the text-box.
D. You need to find a book, but you are not sure of its author or title.
  • Type any words from the book's citation into the text-box.

Example: You think an author named Linzer wrote a book about ethics for Jewish social workers. Type: linzer ethics.

 E.  Using the ALEPH Catalog to locate a book on the shelf.

Identify BOTH the CALL NUMBER and the COLLECTION, which are usually listed in the LOCATION column, on the RESULTS screen.

If the CALL NUMBER does not appear in the LOCATION column:

1. Click on the number to the left of the author.
    The CALL NUMBER will appear on the FULL VIEW OF RECORD screen.

    Click on the underlined words to the right of LIBRARY INFO.
    Scroll down. The COLLECTION is listed in the table at the very bottom of the
    HOLDING screen.
    If the COLLECTION is blank or is "JTS General Collections," then the item is in the

Subject Headings in JTS's Aleph Catalog for Jewish Communal Service Research

  • Adolescence (and subdivisions)
  • Adolescent (and subdivisions)
  • Adoption
  • Adoption—Israel
  • Adoption (Jewish law)
  • Adoption—Religious aspects—Judaism
  • Aged (and subdivisions)
  • Aging (and subdivisions)
  • Aging—Religious aspects—Judaism
  • Aging parents
  • Bioethics
  • Blind (and subdivisions)
  • Charity—Study and teaching
  • Charity (and subdivisions)
  • Charity laws and legislations (Jewish law)
  • Child abuse (and subdivisions)
  • Child psychology
  • Child rearing
  • Child rearing—Religious aspects–Judaism
  • Child welfare—Israel
  • Children of interfaith marriage
  • Community (Jewish)
  • Community centers
  • Community centers—Israel
  • Community centers, Jewish
  • Community development
  • Community development—Israel
  • Community organization (and subdivisions)
  • Cults (and subdivisions)
  • Deaf
  • Death—Psychological aspects
  • Death—Religious aspects—Judaism
  • Death—Social aspects
  • Demographic surveys
  • Demography
  • Divorce
  • Divorce—Religious aspects—Judaism
  • Divorced people
  • Eating disorders—Religious aspects—Judaism
  • Ethics in Rabbinical literature
  • Ethics in the Bible
  • Ethics, Jewish—1945-
  • Family (and subdivisions)
  • Family violence (and subdivisions)
  • Gender identity
  • Health—Religious aspects—Judaism
  • Holocaust—Psychological aspects
  • Holocaust survivors—Mental health
  • Interfaith families
  • Interfaith marriage
  • Intermarriage
  • Israel—Social policy
  • Jewish aged
  • Jewish college students
  • Jewish families—Religious life
  • Jewish families—Social conditions
  • Jewish families (and subdivisions)
  • Jewish religious education of children
  • Jewish religious education of teenagers
  • Jewish youth
  • Jewish youth—United States—Religious life
  • Jews—Statistics (and subdivisions)
  • Jews—United States—Identity
  • Judaism and social problems
  • Medical ethics—Religious aspects—Judaism
  • Medical ethics (and subdivisions)
  • Middle age
  • Parent and child
  • Parenting—Religious aspects—Judaism
  • Parenting (and subdivisions)
  • Pastoral counseling (Judaism)
  • People with disabilities (and subdivisions)
  • Population geography
  • Population growth
  • Population research
  • Social service (and subdivisions)
  • Social work (and subdivisions)
  • Social workers (and subdivisions)
  • Sociology, Jewish
  • Suffering—Religious aspects—Judaism
  • Terrorism—Religious aspects—Judaism
  • United States—Social policy
  • Violence—Religious aspects—Judaism

Finding Articles for Jewish Communal Service Research

  • The following electronic indexes will give you excellent access to articles published in scholarly journals, magazines, newspapers, and books of essays; some of these indexes provide full text; others provide citations only.
  • There are links to most of these indexes from The Library of The Jewish Theological Seminary's Online Resources webpage:

RAMBI—Index of Articles on Jewish Studies

Mainly citations only; remote access available. This is the premier index for scholarly articles—in journals and in collections of essays—on all aspects of Jewish studies. It has excellent coverage on a wide range of topics of interest to Social Work students, including current issues in the Israeli community. Articles are in all languages. The best search is via "Keywords Anywhere" in Basic Search; however, to do a "Section starting with" search, use the following sections: State of Israel - Society

  • Diaspora—History—Post World War II—Contemporary
  • State of Israel—Health
  • Diaspora—USA
  • State of Israel—Israel and Diaspora Jewry

Index to Jewish Periodicals

Citations only. CD-ROM (covering 1988-2002) at Reference Desk; printed volumes (covering 1963-2002) in "REF INDEX" aisle.

Covers mainly popular magazines (and also selected scholarly journals), in English, published throughout the world (but primarily in the US). Extensive coverage of contemporary American-Jewish scene and includes many topics for Social Work field. The so-called "Keyword" search utilizes a limited vocabulary, so try using synonyms if your first search does not work.Selected keywords for good results: Aged, Bioethics, Caregivers, Children and parents, Community centers, Community life, Counseling, Pastoral, Depression, Ethics, Family life, Federations, Gender, Handicapped, Health care, Holocaust survivors, Homosexuality, Jewish communal service, Jewish continuity, Marriage, Mental health, Poverty, Sexuality, Social agencies, Social agencies, Social work, Suicide, Terrorism, Trauma, Values, Jewish, Violence, Women, Youth.

ATLA/ATLAS Religion Database

Full-text of many articles provided.Coverage for Social Work is not as extensive as RAMBI, however ATLA/ATLAS includes many full-text articles on relevant topics, such as ethics, Jewish women, Interfaith families, Holocaust survivors, Jewish family life, Jewish community centers, UJA, Family violence, etc. Provides good coverage of essays in books, and of articles on Jewish topics, by Jewish authors, in gentile publications, e.g., Blu Greenberg's articles in "Living Pulpit" and "Religion and Human Rights."

Custom Newspapers and New York State Newspapers

Full-text. The articles are not scholarly, but these databases include news and editorial opinion that are not available in the other databases. Jewish newspapers are not included. Includes many entries for organizations such as "Jewish Federation" and "Jewish Family Service."

Humanities Full Text

Full-text of many articles provided. Covers a wide variety of topics relating to contemporary and historical aspects of the Jewish community.

Emphasis is on philosophical, historical, and literary points of view; however also covers current events and social issues. Provides excellent search capabilities, including full-text keyword searching.

New York Public Library's Indexes

Citations only. Remote access available at:

Covers The Jewish Week (New York) Dec. 1993-2001 and the Forward (New York, English edition) 2000-2001.

Current Journals

  • Contemporary Jewry
  • Jewish Journal of Sociology
  • Jewish Social Studies
  • Journal of Jewish Communal Service
  • Patterns of Prejudice
  • The Social Work Forum [formerly: Jewish Social Work Forum,1963-1998]
  • Women in Judaism [electronic journal]

Older Journals

  • Association of Jewish Center Workers. Conference Papers (1975, 1976, 1978)
  • Israel Social Science Research (1983-1997)
  • The Jewish Center Worker (1950-1951), in Restricted Periodicals Collection
  • Proceedings of the International Conference of Jewish Communal Service (1975, 1978, 1983)
  • Journal of Aging and Judaism (1986-1991)
  • Journal of Psychology and Judaism (1977-2000)
  • Journal of Social Work and Policy in Israel (1987-1997)

Organizations for Jewish Communal Service Research

Jewish organizations form an integral part of local and national communities in all parts of the globe. Organizations often publish important research. Below is a selected list of organizations which are listed in the JTS ALEPH catalog as subjects, authors or publishers, searchable via "Browse." All fields can be searched simultaneously via "Basic Search" with the "All Fields" and "Words Adjacent" options. Additional organizations are listed in the American Jewish Yearbook, the Jewish Yearbook (London), American Jewish Voluntary Organizations, Sources for Funding: the Israel Foundation Directory, the Word Jewish Directory, and UJC's Directory of National and International Jewish Organizations

ADL of B'nai B'rith
Association of Jewish Family and Children's Agencies
Council of Jewish Federations   (one of the three organizations whose merger formed United Jewish Communities)
Foundation of Jewish Philanthropies of New York (One of the two organizations whose merger formed UJA-Federation of Jewish Philanthropies of New York)
Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs
Jewish Communal Service Association of North America
Jewish Community Centers Association of North America
Jewish Community Federation... [many websites, one for each geographical area]
Jewish Family and Children's Service ... [many websites, one for each geographical area]
Jewish Family Service... [many websites, one for each geographical area]
Jewish Federation of... [many websites, one for each geographical area]
 National Jewish Welfare Board (former name of Jewish Community Centers Association of North America)
UJA-Federation of Jewish Philanthropies of New York
United Israel Appeal
(one of the three organizations whose merger formed United Jewish Communities)
United Jewish Appeal
(one of the three organizations whose merger formed United Jewish Communities)
United Jewish Communities
United Jewish Federation... [many websites, one for each geographical area]
World Conference of Jewish Communal Service (sponsored by World Council of Jewish Communal Service, listed below)
World Council of Jewish Communal Service [also sponsors listservs]
The following professional organizations have not published research materials; however, newsletters and practical information are available on their websites.
Association of Jewish Aging Services
Association of Jewish Center Professionals
Association of Jewish Community Organization Professionals
Jewish Council for Public Affairs
Jewish Social Services Professionals Association

Subject Resources (books and websites) for Jewish Communal Service Research

General Resources

  • Lipsitz, Edmond Y., ed. World Jewish Directory 2004 Edition. Toronto: J.E.S.L. Educational Products, 2003.
  • The Jewish Year Book. London, Vallentine Mitchell. Current volume at REF DESK. Previous volumes in Periodicals Section.
  • Directory of British and world Jewish organizations, who's who, demographic data, and essays on contemporary topics. 2004 volume includes article on "Social Service."
  • American Jewish Year Book. Philadelphia: Jewish Publication Society Current volume at REF DESK. Previous volumes in Periodicals Section. Directory of US national and local Jewish organizations, articles on demographics, world affairs from a Jewish perspective, and includes statistics.
  • Encyclopaedia Judaica (print & CD) DS102.8.E496 (copies in Encyclopedia Room and at Reference Desk; CD version is available at selected public computers in Reference area)
  • Jewish Virtual Library. Current popular encyclopedia on Jews and Judaism, with emphasis on Israel and public affairs.
  • Friedman, Dayle, A., ed. Jewish Pastoral Care: a Practical Handbook from Traditional and Contemporary Sources. Woodstock, VT: Jewish Lights, 2001 BM 652.5 J48 2001 (copies in Reserve and Main collections) Very practical resource.
  • Siegel, Richard, Michael Strassfeld, and Sharon Strassfeld. The First Jewish Catalog: A Do-It-Yourself Kit. Philadelphia: Jewish Publication Society, 1973. BM570.S59 (copies in Reference-regular size, ERC Oversize, and Main Collection Oversize)
  • Strassfeld, Sharon and Michael Strassfeld. The Second Jewish Catalog: Sources and Resources. Philadelphia: JPS, 1976 and The Third Jewish Catalog: Creating Community. Philadelphia: JPS, 1980. BM570.S591 (copies in Reference-regular size, ERC Oversize, and Main Collection Oversize)
  • The Avraham Harman Institute of Contemporary Jewry at the Hebrew University. Research center on Jewish demography, Anti-Semitism, Zionism, the Yishuv, and the State of Israel; houses a repository of Jewish documentary films. See "Archives & Databases" and "Publications" sections of the website.
  • Brickman, William W. The Jewish Community in America: An Annotated and Classified Bibliographic Guide. New York: B. Franklin, 1977. Reference Z6373 U5 B75
  • Although somewhat dated, includes extensive sections on social and communal life, education, immigration, inter-group relations, and Anti-Semitism.
  • Dobkowski, Michael N., ed. Jewish American Voluntary Organizations. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 1986. At Reference Desk. E184.J5J48 1986  History and activities of each organization.
  • Linzer, Norman, ed. Ethical Dilemmas in Jewish Communal Service. Hoboken, NJ: Ktav, 1996. HV3191.L56 1996 Practical resource.
  • Schnall, David J.; "The Jewish Communal-Service Arena" in A Portrait of the American Jewish Community, Norman Linzer, ed., 1998. E 184 J5 P637
  • Overview of the field of Jewish communal service, with bibliography. The volume also includes related essays on the Jewish Federation, intermarriage, Soviet Jewish resettlement, Jewish identity, and planning policy to serve the Jewish family.


  • Anti-Semitism and Xenophobia Today(AXT)
    • Analytical reports on Anti-Semitism, on a country-by-country basis, available on the web in full-text. Produced by the London think-tank Institute for Jewish Policy Research.
  • SICSA: The Vidal Sassoon International Center for the Study of Anti-Semitism at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
    • Site includes full-text articles and a comprehensive bibliography: the Felix Posen Bibliographic Project's "Databases on Anti-Semitism." Print version of the bibliography is: Anti-Semitism: An Annotated Bibliography, Susan Sarah Cohen, ed. New York: Garland, 1987- (12+ volumes) Reference Z6374.A56A57
  • Porter, Jack Nusan. Jews and the Cults: Bibliography/Resource Guide. Fresh Meadows, NY: Biblio Press, 1981. Reference Z6370.P67. Includes popular and scholarly items; dated.

Chemical Dependence

Berg, Steven L. Jewish Alcoholism and Drug Addiction: An Annotated Bibliography. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 1993.

Classic Jewish Texts

Please use The Library of The Jewish Theological Seminary guide, "Strategies for Success in Rabbinics," to identify key texts, editions, and translations.

  • Holtz, Barry W., ed. Back to the Sources: Reading the Classic Jewish Texts. New York: Summit, 1984 BM496.5.B33 1984 (copies in Reference, Reserve, Main Collection)
  • Introduction to: Bible, Mishna, Talmud, Midrash, Biblical commentaries, philosophical texts, Kabbala, Hasidic texts, and liturgy.
  • Bialik, Hayim Nahman and Yehoshua H. Ravnitzky, eds. The Book of Legends, translated by William G. Braude. New York: Schocken, 1992. BM516.B513 1992 (copies at Reference Desk, Oversize Reference, Oversize ERC & Oversize)
  • Ginzberg, Louis. Legends of the Jews. Philadelphia: JPS, 1908-1939. (print and CD) BM 530 G5 (copies in Reference, Main, EJB, and GMG collections; CD version is available at selected public computers in Reference area)
  • Elbogen, Ismar. Jewish Liturgy: A Comprehensive History. Philadelphia: JPS, 1993. BM660.E513 1993 (copies in Reference, Reserve, and Main Collection)


Reports with statistical tables available at both websites.

Domestic Violence


  • Drachler, Norman. A Bibliography of Jewish Education in the United States. Detroit: Wayne State Univ. Press, 1996.
  • JESNA Major Jewish education website; full-text documents including curricula available to download.
  • Cohen, Steven Martin. Jewish Education in JCCs. New York: Council for Initiatives in Jewish Education, 1996. ERC Oversize LC 741 .C57 1996.
    • This study attempts to answer the question what makes a Jewish center educationally successful, both in terms of personnel and programs. Part of the "Best Practices Project in Jewish Education."


  • Guttman, David. Jewish Elderly in the English-speaking Countries.New York: Greenwood Press, 1989.
    • Bibliography on the unique problems of the Jewish elderly, services provided to them, and education for service providers; lists journal articles published 1974-89.
  • Bubis, Gerald B. Saving the Jewish Family: Myths and Realities in the Diaspora, Strategies for the Future: An Analysis and Cumulative Bibliography, 1970-1982. Lanham, MD: University Press of American, 1987. Reference HQ525.J4B82 1987 Aimed at readers in the social work field.
  • Schlesinger, Benjamin, ed. Jewish Family Issues: A Resource Guide. New York: Garland, 1987. Z6374.F34S34 1987 (copies in Reference and Main Collection) Review essays (with bibliographies) published 1960-86, covering the North American and Israeli communities.
  • Schlesinger, Benjamin. The Jewish Family: A Survey and Annotated Bibliography. Toronto: Univ. of Toronto Press, 1971. HQ525.J4S47 (copies in Reference and Main Collections) Although no longer up-to-date, excellent for pre-1971 publications.
  • Messinger, Nancy. When Bad Things Happen to Good Children: A Selected Bibliography. Auerbach Central Agency for Jewish Education, 2000. REF VF-SH Children's literature. Books and videos for young children, teens and adults, on death, divorce, Alzheimer's, alcoholism, depression; the issues are addressed from a Jewish perspective in most of the books.


  • Fernekes, William R. The Oryx Holocaust Sourcebook. Westport: CT: Oryx Press, 2002 Annotated bibliography with emphasis on recent publications. Includes a section on perspectives from the social sciences, including psychology. Also includes electronic and AV resources.
  • Edelheit, Abraham J. and Hershel Edelheit. Bibliography on Holocaust Literature. Boulder: Westview Press, 1986 and Supplement, 1993. REF Z6374 H6 E33 Includes section on survivors and their problems.
  • Sullivan, Edward T. The Holocaust in Literature for Youth: A Guide and Resource Book. Lanham, MD: Scarecrow Press, 1999. ERC REF Z6374.H6S85 1999 Each item is annotated with content and appropriate grade-level. Includes print and electronic resources, professional resources for educators, and lesson plans.


  • Israel Yearbook & Almanac. Jerusalem: IBRT. Current volume at REF DESK. Previous volumes in Periodicals Section. Includes sections on social affairs, education, immigration and absorption, all with extensive statistics.
  • Smooha, Sammy. Social Research on Jewish Ethnicity in Israel, 1948-1986. Haifa: Haifa Univ. Press, 1987. Z3476.S62 1987 Bibliography
  • Statistical Abstract of Israel/Shenaton Statisti le-Yisrael. Jerusalem: Central Bureau of Statistics. Current volume at Reference Desk 
  • Dowty, Alan, ed. Critical Issues in Israeli Society. Westport, Conn: Praeger, 2004. DS 126.7 C75
    • Provides a snapshot of Israeli society today. Topics covered: religious-secular schism, the Russian immigrant community, Palestinians in Israel, economic groups, security issues.
  • Rebhun, Uzi, ed. Jews in Israel: Contemporary Social and Cultural Patterns. Hanover: Brandeis Univ. Press and Univ. Press of New England, 2004. DS 126.5 J48.
    • Surveys the contemporary Israeli social milieu. Issues: demography, Ethiopian and Russian immigrants, women, Jewish identity, Conservative and Reform Judaism in Israel, civil-military relations, emigration.


  • Kosmin, Barry A. and Paul Ritterband Contemporary Jewish Philanthropy in America. Savage, MD: Rowman and Littlefield, 1991. Why and how givers give; includes a section on the clients.
  • Jaffe, Eliezer D., ed. Sources for Funding: The Israel Foundation Directory. Jerusalem: Devora Publications, 2001. HV378.5 .J34 2001
  • Giving Wisely: the Internet Directory of Israeli Nonprofit and Philanthropic Organizations. Includes bibliography on Jewish philanthropy.

Political Life

  • Medoff, Rafael. Jewish Americans and Political Participation: A Reference Handbook. Santa Barbara, Ca: ABC-CLIO, 2002.
    • Overview of Jews in American politics as of 2002; sections on protest politics, the Jewish vote, Jewish lobbies, and Jews in office.
  • Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs
    • A public policy research institute focusing on international and local political affairs, Israeli society, Jewish women, local Jewish communities worldwide, etc. Full-text articles and chapters of books available at website.


  • Breslauer, S. Daniel. Judaism and Human Rights in Contemporary Thought: A Bibliographical Survey Westport, CT: Greenwood Press,1993.
  • Breslauer, S. Daniel. Modern Jewish Morality: A Bibliographical Survey. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 1986. Reference Z5873.B75. Covers contemporary social issues.
  • Amsel, Nachum. The Jewish Encyclopedia of Moral and Ethical Issues. Northvale, NJ: J. Aronson, 1994. At Reference Desk: REF BJ 1285.A57 1994.
    • Overview of traditional Jewish values and attitudes towards moral issues as expressed in Biblical and Rabbinic sources. Citations and quoted texts are provided in English and Hebrew. Sample topics: senility, zero population growth, privacy vs. community, mental incompetence, peer pressure.
  • Steinberg, Avraham, ed. Encyclopedia of Jewish Medical Ethics. Jerusalem: Feldheim, 2003. Encyc.Room R 135.5 S6713
    • Comprehensive discussion of medical issues with perspectives from history and science, the Bible, Talmud, and later Jewish law including contemporary responsa.
  • Kalsman Institute on Judaism and Health 
    • An education center sponsored by the Reform Judaism focusing on illness and wellness in the Jewish community
  • The Dynamics of Tzedakah. Jerusalem: Shalom Hartman Institute for Advanced Judaic Studies, 1981. 2 volumes. ERC OVERSIZE BM 523.5 C48 S47
    • Includes Rabbinic texts related to all aspects of tzedaka, with a guide on how to use these sources in the classroom.
  • Potok, Chaim. The Ethics of Social Welfare. New York: JTS Leaders Training Fellowship, 1970. ERC Oversize BJ 1283 C5 P62 1970.
    • Describes the classic Rabbinic attitude towards poverty and tzedaka, with supporting texts; includes relevant current newspaper articles and "thinking questions" for classroom use. One of a series of 15 "Ethics in..." compilations by Potok. Other topics include child-parent relations, Jewish-Christian relations, management, etc.
  • Tzedek Resource Guide
    • Extensive list of resources on Jewish values and social justice, including links to full-text documents and educational materials. Includes written resources and action opportunities.


  • Hamelsdorf, Ora and Sandra Adelsberg. Jewish Women and Jewish Law: Bibliography. Fresh Meadows, NY: Biblio Press, 1980. Supplement, 1987.
  • The Jewish Woman, 1900-1985: A Bibliography. Partially annotated by Aviva Canter with 1983-1986 citations compiled by Ora Hamelsdorf. 2nd ed. Fresh Meadows, NY: Biblio Press, 1987. Supplement: The Jewish Woman: An Annotated Bibliography, 1986-1993, compiled by Ann S. Masnik. New York: Biblio Press, 1996. Z7963.J4C36 (copies in Reference Oversize and Main Oversize collections)
  • Women and Gender Studies and Issues. A gateway to resources on Jewish women, including domestic violence and gay resources in the Jewish community.
  • Hadassah-Brandeis Institute Research Institute on Jewish women. The "Publications" section includes full-text scholarly articles and research bibliographies.
  • Hyman, Paul and Deborah Dash Moore, eds. Jewish Women in America: An Historical Encyclopedia. New York: Routledge, 1993 OVERSIZE REF DS 115.2 J49 1998 (another copy in Oversize section) Major resource.
  • Eylon, Dina, ed. Women in Judaism: Encyclopedia