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Mazal tov cards

thank you cards

Beautiful cards adapted from an image in the Rothschild Mahzor (Florence, 1490).

Each set contains ten cards and ten envelopes. Each card is blank inside and measures 5.5" x 3.5".

$10 per set.

Ketubbot Traditions in Judaic Ornamentation Cards

Notecards depicting four ketubbot (Marriage Contracts) from the collection.

Each set contains twenty blank cards and envelopes of four different images. They measure 7" x 5".

$12 per set.

yiddish cards

Yiddish Cartoons Notecards

Images on these cards are from cartoons from the Yiddish press and reflect the milieu in which they were produced. The Yiddish press spanned the political spectrum from socialist, communist, and anarchist to moderate and traditional, and these cartoons emerged as a central feature of the press as a result of the accessible nature of the medium and its synthesis of modern and Jewish culture.

The cards were produced in conjunction with the exhibition Radical Visions: Graphic Satire in the Yiddish Press, 1894-1939.

Twenty blank note cards of five different images, four cards of each image.

$12 per box.