Copy Services

Reproduction of Library Material–Pricing Schedule

 Duplication request form

Digitizing of Printed and Secondary Material (including Rare Book Room and General Archives)

  • Copies of existing digitized images
    • Not-for-profit users                                           $5.00/image
    • For-profit users                                                   $10.00/image
  • Original scans–Bound Items
    • Not-for-profit users
      • First page                                                 $10.00/image
      • Subsequent page                                   $5.00/image
    • For-profit users  
      • First page                                                $20.00/image     
      • Subsequent page                                   $10.00/image 
  • Orginal scans–Unbound Items
    • Not-for-profit users                                            $5.00/image
    • For-profit users                                                   $10.00/image 

Photocopies *

  • Limit of thirty copies         
  • Archival material                                                        $1.00/page
  • Other Special Collections material                          $0.50/page 


  • Film copy from existing negative                           $75.00

Custom Photographic Services **

  • Black and White Prints
    • Original Photography (8 x 10)                 $45.00 
    • Existing Negative (8 x 10)                         $30.00

Permission to publish form

Publication Fees for Printed Materials, CDs and DVDs (Per image)

  • Cover                                                                              $300.00
  • Interior Page                                                                $50.00

Usage Fees for Film, Video, Web Images

  • For Internet Use
    • Not-for-profit                                                 $25.00/image
    • For-profit                                                        $50.00/image
  • For Film/Video/TV Use
    • Not-for-profit                                                $50.00/image
    • For-profit                                                       $75.00/image


  • Continental United States                                     At cost
  • Other destinations                                                   At cost

* Photocopies are not for Rare Book Room material, but for archival material (including music archives), SRR reference works in good condition, and print copies from microfilm, and are subject to the approval of the archivist or library staff.

** Please inquire if custom photographic enlargements are needed.

*** Microfilming prices apply only to copies of existing microfilm. 
            For new microfilming, please consult with library or archival staff.

Please note that there is a 5% levy on credit card payments.

(Updated March, 2007)