General Collections

Designated Areas


This area contains core Judaic texts, standard works and commentaries, discourse, encyclopedias, concordances, dictionaries, atlases, indexes, Festschriften, and an extensive selection of bibliographies in all fields of Judaica.

Located on the second floor.


This area has over 1,000 titles in numerous languages, 750 of which are current subscriptions. The collection includes a wide range of titles in Jewish studies and education.

Located on the second and third floors.

The Educational Resource Center (ERC)

The Educational Resource Center (ERC) serves as a resource for teachers and students. This area contains books, periodicals, textbooks, dissertations and theses, curriculum materials, and kits pertaining to education. It also contains juvenile literature and books on Judaic themes and traditions for children.

Located on the third floor.

Sabin Family Music Library

The music collection contains books on Jewish music and over 4,000 sound recordings (records, tapes, and compact discs). There is also an extensive collection of printed music, including hazzanut (cantorial music), Yiddish sheet music, and cantorial music manuscripts.

There is a Yamaha Clavinova digital piano available for users who wish to play music; it does not circulate.

For additional information, visit the Sabin Family Music Library.

Located on the second floor.

The Audio-Visual Center

The Audio-Visual Center (AV Center) contains a collection of non-print materials, including microform, videos, and sound recordings. AV Center equipment includes microfilm and microfiche readers, multi-system VCRs for US (NTSC) and European (PAL and SECAM) formats, CD players, cassette recorders, record players, and a reel-to-reel tape deck.

Located on the second floor.

The Elias J. Bickerman Collection (EJB)

The Elias J. Bickerman and Morton Smith collection contains materials pertaining to the study of Judaism and Christianity during the Greco-Roman period.

Located on the second floor.

The Goldman-Marx-Ginzberg Collection (GMG)

The Goldman-Marx-Ginzberg collection contains books and periodicals published before 1953 in a range of subjects, with a focus on rabbinics and Jewish history.

Located on the second floor.

The Leff Reading Room

The Leff Reading Room contains a selection of reference works for rabbinic studies. This area is reserved for study groups.

Located on the third floor.

The Dr. Bernard Heller Reading Center

The Dr. Bernard Heller Reading Center provides dedicated space for individual study and reading. The center provides convenient access to most of The Library's open stacks.

Located on the third floor.