Record Group 5: Conference on Science, Philosophy, and Religion

  • Dates: 1939-1977, (1940-1968, Bulk)
  • Size: 48.75 linear ft.
  • Number of Boxes: 39
  • Languages:
    • English
    • Hebrew
  • Location: Special Collections Reading Room, Jewish Theological Seminary Library.
  • Restrictions: Jewish Theological Seminary records are available for research, with permission, through 1972; records dating from 1973 and afterward are currently closed. For permission to see records of The Jewish Theological Seminary write to: Archivist, Ratner Center for the Study of Conservative Judaism, Jewish Theological Seminary, 3080 Broadway, New York, NY 10027. Reproduction of fragile items is not permitted; consult the archivist about literary rights.
  • Related Collections: The JTS library has a set of the published proceedings of the conference. R.G.1, General Files, includes a significant amount of additional material (correspondence with participants and potential participants and conference papers) about the conference. It is filed largely by name of correspondent. See also: R.G.16, Records of the Institute of Religious and Social Studies, and the oral history interview with Jessica Feingold, Ratner Center oral history collection. The Ratner Center photograph collection includes many publicity portraits of conference and institute participants.

SGS, 7/24/91

Table of Contents:

 A Note on Folder Headings

Individual folders are identified in the following way: record group# -- box# -- folder#, as in R.G.1-10-32. Please use this format in citations and when referring to files for any other reason.

 Historical Note

The Conference on Science, Philosophy, and Religion and Their Relation to the Democratic Way of Life, Inc. was founded in 1940 by seventy-nine leading American intellectuals including Louis Finkelstein, Harold D. Lasswell, Mortimer J. Adler, Paul Tillich, Robert M. MacIver, Van Wyck Brooks, Franz Boas, Enrico Fermi, I.I. Rabi, and Pitirim Sorokin. Originating in a meeting of academics and seminary presidents called by Jewish Theological Seminary president (later chancellor) Louis Finkelstein in November, 1939, the conference constituted a response to the rise of totalitarianism in Europe. Its founding members and their successors sought to create a framework for the preservation of democracy and intellectual freedom through the collaboration of scholars from a wide variety of disciplines in the sciences and humanities. Conference members, many of whom blamed the development of "value-free" scholarship for the rise of European fascism, additionally hoped to synthesize traditional values and academic scholarship.

The conference met on a regular basis from 1940 to 1968. These meetings, held alternately at The Jewish Theological Seminary, Columbia University, Harvard University, The American Philosophical Society, the University of Chicago, and Loyola University, provided participants with the opportunity for cooperative discussion based on papers prepared in advance. The conference papers were, in most cases, subsequently published as a volume.

Although originally conceived as a temporary measure related to wartime concerns, the conference grew into an established institution in the postwar years. During the 1950s, the topics treated during meetings shifted from issues of the preservation of democracy and world peace to questions of race relations, labor relations, governmental administration, and educational policy. At the same time, the membership of the conference expanded to include government officials, industrialists, and officers of private foundations. Members from Catholic, Jewish, and non-Western religious backgrounds also held prominent roles, reflecting a growing interest in intergroup relations on the part of Louis Finkelstein and other Conference organizers. New participants included John LeFarge, Bayard Rustin, Swami Akhilananda, Robert C. Angell, William E. Hocking, Albert Hofstadter, Hannah Arendt, Mordecai M. Kaplan, Daniel Lerner, Swami Nikhilananda, and Perry Miller.

From its origin, the conference maintained a special relationship with the Jewish Theological Seminary. Under chancellor Louis Finkelstein, who also served as president of the conference and editor of many of its published volumes, JTS actively promoted such interfaith activities as the conference and the Institute for Religious and Social Studies (founded 1938). Seminary faculty, including Mordecai M. Kaplan, Ben Zion Bokser, Simon Greenberg, and Gerson Cohen, contributed actively to conference sessions. The administration of the conference was also handled by JTS employees, most notably Jessica Feingold, who served as the conference's executive vice-president, sat on its board of directors, and edited one of its published volumes.

By the late 1950s and 1960s, the conference began to meet less frequently. The last sessions were held in 1968. For more information see: Fred Beuttler, "Organizing an American Conscience: The Conference on Science, Philosophy and Religion, 1940-1968." Dissertation at the University of Chicago, Department of History, March,1995

Scope and Content Note

The records of the Conference on Science, Philosophy, and Religion 1939-1977, consist principally of files documenting the administration of each individual conference, 1940-1968 and stenographic reports of the proceedings of conference meetings and sessions, 1940-1968. Also included are administrative records from the period of the conference's creation, 1940-1941; questionnaire responses from conference members, 1942-1943; financial records of the conference, 1940-1957; and the permanent administrative files of the conference, 1940-1977. The stenographic reports of the conference sessions form a complete record of the organization's proceedings over the course of its development, and thus are particularly valuable.

Collection Description

Series List

I. Administrative Records, 1940-1941

II. Questionnaires, 1942-1943

III. Financial Records, 1940-1957

IV. Conference Records, 1940-1968

V. Conference Permanent Files, 1940-1977

VI. Proceedings, 1939-1968

Series Descriptions

I. Administrative Records, 1940-1941

Contains documents related to the creation of the conference, including copies of the by-laws, memoranda and correspondence concerning incorporation and copyright, and participants' suggestions for the planning of conference sessions. Also included are minutes, lists, agendas, and related material of the conference's board of directors, nominating committee, and steering committee. A statement by Van Wyck Brooks entitled "Reasons for the Conference," issued in 1941, is of special interest.

II. Questionnaires, 1942-1943

The series contains about forty responses to a questionnaire sent by members of the conference board of directors to participants. The questionnaire itself, which asks three broad questions about contemporary conditions and postwar possibilities, is also included. The responses, some of which constitute medium-length essays, provide a valuable perspective on the backgrounds and beliefs of these conference participants. Respondents include Gregory Bateson, Maximilian Beck, Ben Zion Bokser, Edgar S. Brightman, William G. Constable, Hoxie N. Fairchild, Hudson Hoagland, Ralph S. Lillie, G. Bromley Oxnam, Lincoln Reis, and Ruth Strang. In addition, this series contains correspondence and memoranda surrounding the distribution of responses for comment by other participants.

III. Financial records, 1940-1957

The records include account books and financial statements documenting the receipts and expenditures of the conference over most of its existence. Information relating to the finances of specific conference meetings may be found within the records of individual conferences (see series IV). Valuable financial information is additionally located within the tax records of the conference permanent files (see series V).

IV. Conference records, 1940-1968

The largest group of records in the collection, the series consists of the administrative files of the eighteen individual conference meetings and the two meetings of conference fellows. Included are book files, which contain correspondence, memoranda, typescripts, reprints, galleys, reviews, and other materials relating to the publication of each conference volume; financial records; form letters sent to participants; invitations and responses signifying acceptance or refusal; agenda, notes, minutes and memoranda from meetings of various conference committees (board of trustees, planning meetings, art seminar, business meetings, nominating committee); and paper files, which incorporate copies of conference papers, printed comments, and correspondence related to the distribution of papers. Also included are lists of participants' names and biographical information; press files, comprised of press releases, clippings, and correspondence; conference programs; and registration sheets which participants signed at conference sessions.

The records of individual conferences also contain various items of particular interest. The files of the first conference contain typescripts and programs for radio addresses given by conference participants Lyman Bryson and Karl K. Darrow; a typescript of a "statement on rational empiricism" authored by participants with scientific expertise; photographs of conference participants (descriptions of which have been entered into the Ratner Center's photograph database); reports from Conservative rabbis relating to interfaith activities; and memoranda to an advisory committee describing the origins, program and future of the conference. The files of the second conference include the by-laws of the conference and correspondence relating to the radio broadcast of a roundtable discussion by conference participants. (Additional material on radio broadcasts by Conference members can be found in the records of the fourth, sixth, ninth, tenth, twelfth, thirteenth, fourteenth, and fifteenth conferences.)

The earliest conferences often drafted consensual statements at their conclusion. Of particular interest is the statement of the sixth conference, on the subject of the atomic bomb, issued less than one month after the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Although the conference sessions were closed to the public after 1943, the files of the seventh conference (held in 1946 at the University of Chicago) include a poster for a public meeting at which Professors Lyman Bryson, Caryl P. Haskins, and Robert M. MacIver engaged in a panel discussion entitled "Culture and Power in the Modern World." Smaller, more private meetings are also documented: the records of the eighth conference include the minutes of a meeting of a seminar which discussed developments in contemporary religious art from the Catholic, Jewish, and Protestant perspectives; the records of the seventh conference contain a statement, correspondence, and agenda produced by the "Chicago group," which included Professors Robert J. Havighurst, Wilhelm Pauck, Louis Wirth from the University of Chicago. Records of meetings held at the Mohonk Mountain House in New Paltz, New York are located within the files of the ninth, fourteenth, fifteenth, seventeenth, and eighteenth conferences, as well as in the files of the 1955 meeting of conference fellows. These meetings generally featured planning for upcoming conferences and/or small discussions of topics related to conference themes.

The files of later conferences reflect the transformation of the conference into a permanent organization. The tenth conference records hold a series of typescripts which seem to have been submitted for a prize contest sponsored by the conference. The files of the twelfth conference include ballots for the election of conference fellows, a practice which accompanied the institutionalization of the conference in the 1950s. Also contained in the twelfth conference records are lists and correspondence relating to the conference's attempts to involve foreign scholars in conference activities.

The files of individual conferences are occasionally interspersed with records of the Institute of Religious and Social Studies, an interfaith endeavor which operated within The Jewish Theological Seminary and involved many Conference participants. Documents relating to the Institute are found in the files of the thirteenth, fifteenth, and seventeenth conferences, and in the files of the 1955 meeting of conference fellows. As part of their ongoing interest in intergroup relations, the conference administrators collected a wide array of printed material related to race relations in the war period. These "race relations files," which cover the years 1944 to 1947 and document such issues as discrimination in defense employment, the wartime internment of Japanese-Americans, and antisemitism, are found in the files of the fifth conference.

The files of individual conferences sometimes contain materials from other years. The records of the third conference, held in 1942, contain correspondence covering the years 1941 to 1943.

V. Conference Permanent Files, 1940-1977

The permanent files consist of records set aside for permanent retention by the conference's administrators. Included are copies of by-laws and certificate of incorporation, 1940, 1954-1956; lists of the board of directors, 1945-1955; lists of officers, 1950-1960, lists of fellows, 1956-1958; and lists of conference members, 1945-1960. Also noteworthy are the conference's tax files, which document the funding and expenditures of the institution from 1946 to 1960; files of comments on the conference, 1951-1977, gathered from published and anecdotal sources, which depict the scope of the conference's impact on participants and non-participants in the world of scholarship; and a binder which contains both selected minutes of various conference committees and a collection of other important conference documents.

VI. Proceedings, 1939-1968

The series consists of the complete stenographic reports of the eighteen conference meetings and two fellows' meetings convened between 1940 and 1968. A record of the luncheon meeting held in November 1939, at which the idea for the conference was developed, is also included. These proceedings document discussions which were informed by (but do not replicate) the content of individual papers, and thus provide an additional source of information. Conference papers may be found within the individual conference records (series D), as well as in the published volumes of the conference. The Seminary's General Files, Record Group 1 of the JTSA records, also contains many conference papers. The records of many conferences are comprised not only of the stenographic reports of the discussions sessions, but also of the proceedings of business meetings, critique meetings, executive committee meetings, and other special sessions.

Selected Participants Represented in the CSPR Records

  • Mortimer J. Adler
  • Swami Akhilanda
  • William F. Albright
  • Rudolph Allers
  • Robert C. Angell
  • Salo W. Baron
  • Gregory Bateson
  • David Baumgardt
  • Maximilian Beck
  • Daniel Bell
  • Ruth Benedict
  • Stephen Vincent Benet
  • A. A. Berle
  • David Bidney
  • Franz Boas
  • Ben Zion Bokser
  • Quirinus Breen
  • Edgar S. Brightman
  • Van Wyck Brooks
  • Lyman Bryson
  • James MacGregor Burns
  • Millar Burrows
  • Douglas Bush
  • Harry J. Carman
  • Eliot D. Chapple
  • Harlan Cleveland
  • Stewart G. Cole
  • William G. Constable
  • Norman Cousins
  • Bingham Dai
  • Taraknath Das
  • Thurston N. Davis
  • Karl W. Deutsch
  • Arnold Dresden
  • Albert Einstein
  • Friedrich Engel-Janosi
  • Hoxie N. Fairchild
  • Clarence H. Faust
  • Jessica Feingold
  • Nels F. S. Ferrè
  • Louis Finkelstein
  • Thomas K. Finletter
  • Ralph Tyler Flewelling
  • A. Campbell Garnett
  • Eli Ginzberg
  • Mark Graubard
  • Daniel Greenberg
  • Simon Greenberg
  • Caryl P. Haskins
  • Robert Havighurst
  • Melville J. Herskovits
  • Arthur Hertzberg
  • Hudson Hoagland
  • William E. Hocking
  • Albert Hofstadter
  • Sydney Hook
  • Frank E. Horack, Jr.
  • George B. deHuzar
  • Aldous Huxley
  • Charles S. Johnson
  • F. Ernest Johnson
  • I. L. Kandel
  • Mordecai M. Kaplan
  • Clyde Kluckhohn
  • Jospeh Wood Krutch
  • John LaFarge
  • Harold Lasswell
  • Daniel Lerner
  • David Lilienthal
  • Alain Locke
  • Robert Lowie
  • Eugene J. McCarthy
  • R. M. MacIver
  • Richard McKeon
  • James Marshall
  • Margaret Mead
  • Perry Miller
  • Hans J. Morgenthau
  • John U. Nef
  • Swami Nikhilananda
  • Justin Wroe Nixon
  • Howard L. Nostrand
  • Harry A. Overstreet
  • Talcott Parsons
  • Anton Pegis
  • Gerald Phelan
  • Liston Pope
  • Pitman B. Potter
  • Bertrand Russell
  • Max Schoen
  • William Seifriz
  • Harlow Shapley
  • Roy Sellars
  • Roger L. Shinn
  • Pitirim A. Sorokin
  • Mark Starr
  • Donald C. Stone
  • Ruth Strang
  • Ordway Tead
  • Laura Thompson
  • Paul J. Tillich
  • Henry Wieman
  • Amos N. Wilder
  • Louis Wirth
  • Quincy Wright

Box List
Box Folder(s) Description 
  I. Administrative Records, 1940-1941
1Board of Directors: lists
 2Board of Directors, Exec. Comm. minutes
 4Correspondence re: copyright
 5Executive Committee, press release
 6Executive Committee, recommendations adopted
 7Founding members, lists
 8Founding members, report on files
 9Memorandum re: incorporation
 10Nominating Committee
 11Returned questionnaires re: future plans
 12Statement Van Wyck Brooks
 13Steering Committee meeting minutes
 14Steering Committee minutes
 15Suggestions re: charter members
 16Suggestions for the board
 17Suggestions for Conference Steering Committee
 18Suggestions for 1942 Conference
 19-68II. Questionnaires, 1942-1943
 69-76III. Financial Records, 1940-1957
  IV. Conference Records, 1940-1968
  1. 1st Conference, NY, 1940
 77Address, Louis Finkelstein, 1939
 78-83Book files
21-2Book files
 3Crank files
 5Form letters
 6-7General material
 8-11Invitations, responses
 12-14Meetings: agenda, notes, transcript, memos
 21Misc. notes re: papers, delegates, tickets
 22-24Paper files
31-4Paper files
 5-8Participants: lists,, delegates
 13-17Press files: clippings, releases
 22Rabbis' reports
 23Registration sheets
 24Requests for positions
  2. 2nd Conference, NY, 1941
 32-42Book files
41-10Book files
 12-15Correspondence, 1941-1943
 16"Eight Points, The": clipping, AP report
 18-19Invitations, responses
 6-8Meetings: minutes, correspondence,releases
 11Miscellaneous:printed material, memos, lists
 12-19 Paper files
 20Participants: suggested names
 21-24Press files: corr., articles, radio, releases
 28Registration sheets
 29Requests for information
  3. 3rd Conference, NY, 1942
532-35Book files
61-24Book files
 28-29Form letters
 30-31Invitations, responses
71-2Invitations, responses
 3Meetings: "NY Group," lists, memo, agenda
 4 Membership
 5-18Paper files
 19Press clippings
 20Printed material:brochure
 22Registration sheets
  4. 4th Conference, NY, 1943
81-16Book files
 21-22Form letters
 23-24Invitations, responses
 25Meetings: summer conference file
 27New York group: agenda, memo, lists
 28-33Paper files
91-3Paper files
 4Participants: suggested names
 5-7Press files: clippings, radio, releases
 11Registration sheets
 12Results of poll on Prof. Thomas' course
 13-14Statement, and replies
 15Steering Committee vote:response cards
  5. 5th Conference, NY, 1944
917-40Book files
101-12Book files
 13Form letters
 14-15Invitations, responses
 17Membership:suggested names
 21-34Paper files
111-4Paper files
 5-7Participants, Bd. of Dirs.: lists, biog. info.
 8-10Press files: clippings, corr., reprint
1113-27Race relations files, 1944-1947, printed material
121-2Race relations files, 1944-1947, printed material
 3Registration sheets
 4Return postage
 5Sessions, notes
  6. 6th Conference, NY, 1945
128-13Book files
 14-15Form letters
 16-19Invitations, responses
 20Meeting:New York group, minutes, memos
 23-28Paper files
131-10Paper files
 11-14Participants: Bd. of Dirs., lists, biog. info
 15-18Press files: corr., radio, releases
 20Questionnaire replies
 21Registration sheets
 22Statement re:atomic bomb
  7. 7th Conference, University of Chicago, 1946
 23Board of Directors: biog. information
 24Book files
 25Chicago group: statement, corr., agenda
 26-28Form letters
 29-31Invitations, responses
 32Meeting, open session:posters, invitation
 35Outline: themes for conf. and papers
141-13Paper files
 14-16Participants: lists, suggested names, biog. info.
 17Press files: releases
19Registration sheets
  8. 8th Conference, Phila., 1947
 20Address:by Harlow Shapley
 21Board of Directors: biog. info.
1422-28Book files
151-2Form letters
 3Index cards, Boston addresses
 4-7Invitations, responses
 8Meeting, art seminar: minutes, lists
 11-12Miscellaneous: lists, programs, memos, etc.
 13-14Paper files
 22Participants: biog. info
 23-25Press files: clippings, memos, corr., releases
  9. 9th Conference, NY, 1948
1529-30Book files
 3Form letters
 4Invitations, responses
 5Meetings: stenotype report
 6-7Memoranda, incl. re: Mohonk meetings
 8Miscellaneous forms, memos, etc.
 9-11Paper files
 12-13Press files: radio, releases
 16Requests for information
  10. 10th Conference, NY, 1949
 17Book files
 19-24Paper files
 25Participants: biog. info.
 26-27Press files: corr., radio transcript
 28-29Typescripts: submitted for prize contest?
171-3Typescripts: submitted for prize contest?
  11. 11th Conference, NY 1950
174-5Bibliographical material
 6Book files
 7Draft: program, lists
 8-11Form letters
 12-17Invitations, responses
 21-23Miscellaneous: papers, memos, press rels., etc.
 24-29Paper files
181-3Participants; lists, biog, info.
 4-6Press files: releases
 9Registration sheets
 10Response cards
 11Syllabi for courses
  12. 12th Conference, NY, 1951
1811Book files
 12Drafts: programs, lists of papers and participants
 13-15Fellowship: ballot cards, vote forms
 16Foreign Scholars: lists, correspondence
 17-18Form letters
 19-26Invitations, responses
 27Manifesto on International Democracy: draft
 28Membership cards, dues
 39-47Paper files
191-4Paper files
 5-8Participants: lists, biog. info., cardfile
 9-15Press files: releases, conf., corr., radio
 16Printed matter: programs, cards, galleys
 20Registration sheets
  13. 13th Conference, NY 1952
 21-28Book files
 29Conf. on Moral Standards: printed mat.
 30Drafts: lists, programs, releases
 3-7Forms: cards and letters
 8-11Invitations, responses
 12-14Meetings: agenda
 15-22Memoranda (including info. re: IRSS)
 23Nominating Committee report
 24-33Paper files
 34-39Participants: fellows, card file,
 40-42Press files: conf., releases, radio
 45Registration sheets
 46Sessions: minutes, notes, papers
 47Suggestions: membership
  14. 14th Conference, Harvard University, 1954
211-4Book files
 5Drafts and proofs: program, memos, letters
 7Form letters
 11-17Invitations, incl. lecture and dinner, responses
 12-21Meetings: agenda, attendance, Mohonk
 34Nominating Committee meeting: agenda
 35-39Paper files
221Paper files
 2-5Participants: lists, fellows
 6-13Press files: conf., releases, radio
 15Registration sheets
  15. Meeting of Conference Fellows, NY 1955
 17Bank account
 18By-laws: vote on amendment
 19Drafts and proofs: program, memos, letters
 20Expenses: supplies and services
 21-23Form letters
 24Information Desk material: memos, releases, etc.
 25-26Invitations, responses
 27-32Meetings, 1955-57: Agenda, Memos, incl. re: IRSS: Minutes: business and nominating committees, Mohonk sessions, Fellows' sessions
 41-46Paper files
 47Participants: biog. info.
  15. Meeting of Conference Fellows, NY 1955, cont.
231-4Press files: cards, announcement, releases
 6Registration sheets
 7Scheduling: vote re: date of conf.
 8Work schedule
  16. 15th Conference, NY 1956
 10Awards (incl. material on 1949 awards)
 11-13Bank account
 14Binder: CSPR, IRSS, Institute on Ethics
 15-24Book files
 25-26Drafts and proofs: by-laws, program, forms
 27-30Form letters
 31Invitations, responses
241-5Invitations, responses (also to lecture)
 6-10Lecture by R.M. MacIver: text, corr.
 11-13Meetings: business: transcript, list, memo -Mohonk: 4/6-8/56, memos, lists, notes
 20Moving arrangements and supplies
 21-27Paper files
 28-30Participants: lists, cardfile
 31Photographers: agreement and corr.
 32-38Press files: corr., radio, releases, memos
25 Press file: cardfile of press re: press conf.
 40Publication info.: procedures and forms
 41Records, Conference files: directories
 42Registration sheets
  17. Meeting of Conference Fellows, NY, 1959
2443Arrangements for conf.:lists, corr., memos
 44Bank account
 45Correspondence w/ Superior Letter Service
 46Drafts: letters, forms, program
 2-4Invitations, responses
 5Jessica Feingold folder: drafts, memos, lists
 6Meetings: Business-agenda
 10-17Paper files
 18Participants: suggested names
 22Registration sheets
  18.16th Conference, NY, 1960
 23Attendance: response sheets
 24Bank account
 25-29Book files
 30Bryson memorial arrangements: lecture
 31Chairmen's section outlines
 32Committee for the Study of Mankind: statement
 33-35Correspondence: Rabbinical Assembly -mailing, drafts, etc.
271Drafts: memos, letters
 3Fellows vote: ballot sheets
 4-6Form letters, forms
 7-10Information packets: program, Bryson materials, invitations, lists of papers
 11-15Invitations, responses
 16-21Jessica Feingold folders: corr., program, paper summaries, notes, etc.
 22-23Meetings: agenda, minutes, correspondence
 32Men's Faculty Club: diagram of layout
 33Paper files
281-19Paper files
291Paper files
 2-4Participants: suggested names, biog. info.
 5Policy questions re: distribution of papers
 6-12Press files: film, radio, publicity, TV, etc.
 13Printing: cards
 18-19Promotion folder: memos, form letters, etc.
2920-22Rabbinical Assembly: excerpts from papers sent toRA members
 23Seating arrangements: auditorium, dining hall
 25Suggestions: 15th & 16th Confs., 1954-1960
  19. 17th Conference, Loyola University, Chicago, 1966
 26-33Book files
301-4Book files
 5Calendar of dates: planning, 1966 Conf.
 6-8Cardfiles: Loyola Alumni addresses
 9-12Correspondence: authors, thanks and regrets
 13Evaluation project: suggestions for future
 15-16Fellows: election of honorary, proxies
 18Information: CSPR & IRSS, memos, lists, corr.
 19Information packet: memos, lists, schedules
 20-24Invitations, responses
 25Jessica Feingold: notes
 26-28Mailing labels: Loyola alumni
311-13Meetings: Bryson memorial lecture, dinner Fellows', business, planning-Mohonk sessions, March 25-7: memos, papers, participants, arrangements
 18-25Paper files
 26-27Participants: biog. info.
 29-32Physical arrangements: diagrams of layout
 33Planning: memos
321Planning: sessions
 2-6Press files: publicity
 11Publications: CSPR and IRSS lists
 12Rabbis in Chicago area: meeting with Louis Finkelstein
 13-14Registration sheets
 15Research Committee on Values (Johann): -agenda, memos, lists
 16Suggestions re: planning of conference
3117Supplies, packaging, and shipping
 18Transportation and accomodations, Chicago
  20. 18th Conference, New York, 1968
3219Asian greetings: from Jessica Feingold
 20Book files
331-18Book files
 19-20Correspondence: 1968; 1970s miscellaneous
 21Drafts: program and sections
 22Fellows: proxy assignments
 24Institute on Ethics: finances, 1962-1971
 25-27Invitations, responses
 28-29Jessica Feingold folders: memos, notes, corr.
 30-35Meetings: Exec. Committee-agenda, memos Mohonk, May 10-13, 1968-agendas, notes Program Comm., 1967-agenda, memos, suggestions
 3Participants: lists
 4Photographs (removed)
 5Planning: memos, notes corr., suggestions
  20. 18th Conference, New York, 1968, continued
346Preparations: memos, corr., lists
 7Printed material: pamphets, brochures, etc.
 8-9Printing: cards, proofs
  V. Conference Permanent Files, 1940-1977
3414Annual Meeting: outline of procedures, n.d.
 15Bank Account, 1940
 16Board of Directors lists, 1945-1955
 17-19Book files: 17th Conf. typescripts, 1966
 20-21By-laws and Certificate of Inc., 1954-1956
 22Certificate of Incorporation, 1940
 23Conference officers, lists, 1950-1960
 24-27Comments on Conference: reviews, articles, appraisals, 1951-1977
351Correspondence: re: 17th Conference, 1966
 2Deutsch, Karl W.: chapters for book, 1965
 3-4"Education For Character," clippings, notes, correspondence
 5Fellows: lists, 1956-1958
 6File records: 1960-1961
 7Finances: account book and outline, 1957-63
 8-9Finkelstein, Louis: Questions for CSPR, 1964 Letter to Fellows re: CSPR, 1963
 10Forms and programs, 1966
 11Mailing lists, 1954
 12-14Meetings: agenda and minutes, planning meeting, 12/17/63 -minutes and notes, "Science and Social Ethics," 1/13/64 -agendas, minutes, memo, notes, Mohonk planning group, 2/17/64
 15-16Membership lists, 1945-1960
 17Memoranda: "Education For Character," 1962
 18Minute book, 1940-1951; selected minutes of Board of Directors, Steering Committee, Executive Committee Also includes: proceedings, certificate of incorporation, Van Wyck Brooks statement, By-laws, founding members lists, memos, business meetings (1950-1951)
 19Notes and Memos: re: conversations and discussions, 1964
 20Photographs, 1964-1968
 21-24Planning files: Check lists, 15th conference, 1955-1956 notes from planning dinner, 1963; notes and agenda, meeting, 9/17/65; memoranda and correspondence, 1965
 25"Religious Education," 1963, journal issues
 26Reproduction requisitions, 1965-1966
 27Reservation at King's Crown Hotel, 1964
 28Reviews, 1962-1963
 29Statement, Van Wyck Brooks, "Reason for the Conference"
 30Tax exemption, 1953-1955
 31Tax work file, 1946-1960
 32 Volumes available, CSPR & IRSS, c.1964
  VI. Proceedings, 1939-1968
36 Luncheon meeting, JTS, 11/3/39
Founding members, JTS
  1st conference, JTS, September 9-11, 1940
2nd conference, Columbia U., September 8-11, 1941
3d conference, Columbia U., August 27-31, 1942
Meeting of CSPR, 12/21/42
4th conference, Columbia U., September 10-13, 1943
4th conference, part 2, September 12, 1943
4th conference, special comm., Claremont Inn, 9/12/43 4th conference, members' meeting, Columbia U., 9/13/43
Amherst meeting, July 24-25, 1944
5th conference, Columbia U., September 7-11, 1944
37 6th conference, Columbia U., August 24-27, 1945
Meeting of CSPR, JTS, 10/7/45
7th conference, U. of Chicago, Sept. 9-11, 1946
7th conference, public meeting, 9/11/46
8th conference, Philadelphia, September 7-10, 1947
9th conference, Columbia U., September 7-10, 1948
10th conference, Columbia U., September 7-9, 1949
10th conference, session on philosophy, 9/7/49
10th conference, breakfast session, 9/8/49
11th conference, Columbia U., September 6-8, 1950
38 12th conference, "Freedom and Authority in Practical Life," Tuesday evening meeting, 9/4/51
12th conference, Columbia U., September 5-7, 1951
12th conference, business meeting, critique, September 6-7, 1951
13th conference, Columbia U., September 2-3, 1952
13th conference, part 2, September 3-5, 1952
13th conference, "The Nature of Symbolism," 9/2/52
13th conference, section meeting, 9/2-3/52
13th conference, dinner meeting, business meeting, critique meeting, luncheon meeting, September 2-5, 1952 "Special session on freedom and governmental authority," n.d.
  14th conference, Harvard University, section meetings:
38 Fine arts, August 30-31, 1954
Philosophy and religion, August 30-31, 1954
Political and social organization, August 30-31, 1954
  14th conference, Harvard University, general sessions:
38 Fine arts, August 31, 1954
Philosophy and religion, September 1, 1954
Political and social organization, September 1, 1954
Business meeting, September 1, 1954
Critique of conference, September 2, 1954
Executive Committee meetings, 1955-1960
  CSPR Fellows' Meeting, Columbia University, 1955:
39 Monday, August 29, 1955
Tuesday, August 30, 1955
Wednesday, August 31, 1955
Thursday, September 1, 1955
  15th conference, Columbia University:
  Monday afternoon session, August 27, 1956
Monday evening session, August 27, 1956
Tuesday moring session, August 28, 1956
Tuesday afternoon session, August 28, 1956
Tuesday evening session, August 30, 1956
Wednesay morning session, August 29, 1956
Business meeting,Wednesday, August 29, 1956
Wednesday afternoon session, August 29, 1956
Thursday morning session, August 30, 1956
Thursday afternoon session, August 30, 1956
  CSPR Fellows' meeting, NY, 1959
  General session, "Can a Common Ethical Denominator..." 8/31/59, 2:30pm
General session, "The Relationship Between Contemporary Religious Systems..." 8/31/59, 8:30 pm
General session, "International Aspects of Ethical Problems..." 9/1/59, 10:00 am
Executive committee meeting, 9/1/59, luncheon
General session, "Ethical Problems in Areas Generally Considered..." 9/1/59, 2:30pm
General summary session and discussion of "The World Academy of Ethics," 9/2/59, 8:30 am
General summary session, "One World--One Ethics," address by Louis Finkelstein
  16th conference, JTS, 1960
39 Planning meeting, I, 8/29/60
General session II, 8/29/60
General session III, 8/29/60
General session III cont., 8/30/60
General session IV, 8/30/60
General session V, 8/31/60
General session (?), 8/31/60
General session VI, 9/1/60
Luncheon and general summary session, 9/1/60
  17th conference, Loyola University, 1966
  Sessions, August 29-31, 1966
Executive committee, business meeting, 8/30/66
  18th conference, NY, 1968
  Program outline
General session, 8/27/68 10:30 am
General session, 8/27/68 8:00 pm
Business meeting, 8/28/68 8:00 am
General session, 8/28/68 10:00 am
General session, 8/28/68 2:00 pm