Miles Roger

William Davidson Graduate School of Jewish Education

Indianapolis, Indiana 

JTS Degree Program: Online Master of Arts, Jewish Education

After JTS: (I plan to) continue working in congregational education, and bringing the joy of Judaism to students by creating meaningful learning experiences and connections.

How Working While Pursing Your Master's Degree Has Enhanced Your Davidson School and JTS Experience: It has allowed me to immediately implement the knowledge and skills I am learning in the virtual classroom. And, because my work directly relates to my classes, I am able to provide real, concrete examples of how the lessons affect the field of Jewish education.

Favorite Thing About Working in Jewish Education: The opportunity to positively impact the Jewish future. Education has been the cornerstone of the survival of the Jewish people-a people of learning and texts-for the past 2,000 years. By being part of this connection, I am a link to future generations and help ensure the continued survival of our people.

Favorite Class at JTS:
Teaching Jewish History with Dr. Meredith Katz. While I already had an interest in history and Jewish history, this class allowed me to become a better history teacher. As part of our course work, we participated in a prototype of an online role-play game that allowed us to teach history by playing historical figures in a courtroom discussing a current topic. Being able to make history come alive and be part of an experimental educational program was amazing.

Best JTS Experience:
Being an online MA student, my favorite experience has been the camaraderie developed among those of us not in New York City with each other and with the JTS community. Learning online can sometimes feel a little lonely; learning on campus can make the education during the summer more meaningful, and allows us to build friendships with students whom we usually only "see" online.

Why You Enrolled in The Davidson School's Online MA Program:
Enrolling in The Davidson School's online MA program allowed me to continue my career while pursuing my education. It requires a significant time commitment to do both concurrently, but the education will greatly benefit me in the long run.