Melton Research Center for Jewish Education

A Strong Tradition of Excellence in Jewish Education
The Melton Research Center for Jewish Education, established in 1960 under the sponsorship of Samuel M. Melton of Columbus, Ohio, has the mandate of improving the quality of Jewish education throughout North America. In 1984, the Melton Research Center was awarded the first Daniel Issacman Memorial Award for Jewish Education for its generative work in educational research and publications. In 1992, Hadassah, at its 80th anniversary celebration, honored the center for its outstanding contribution to fostering Jewish learning and scholarship and for strengthening Jewish communal life through the training and development of Jewish educators.

Melton Research Center Leadership
Dr. Barry Holtz, Theodore and Florence Baumritter Professor of Jewish Education at The Jewish Theological Seminary, became director of the Melton Research Center of the William Davidson Graduate School of Jewish Education in 2008. He has a long association with the Melton Research Center, having served as its codirector from 1980 to 1994. Currently, Dr. Zachary Lasker serves as director of Melton Research Center Educational Projects, and Dr. Deborah Miller serves as associate director of the center.

Melton Research Center Initiatives
Melton Research Center activities focus on the design, testing, implementation, and evaluation of new approaches in instructional methods, material, and technology.

Building on its foundation of excellence in curriculum development, teacher support, and scholarship in Jewish Education, the center has joined in partnership with the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism's Department of Education to create Project Etgar, a new approach to instruction and learning in the synagogue middle school; and MaToK, the Bible curriculum for the Solomon Schechter Day Schools.