Standards and Benchmarks

Overview of Tanakh Standards

Standard 1:

Students will become independent and literarily astute readers of the biblical text in Hebrew.

Standard 2:

Students will be engaged in the learning of ancient, rabbinic, and modern modes of interpretation of the biblical text and will see themselves as a link in this ongoing chain of interpretation.

Standard 3:

Students will appreciate Tanakh as a multivocal text with a complex history of development.

Standard 4:

Students will view Tanakh as the formative narrative of the Jewish People—past, present, and future.

Standard 5:

Students will, through the study of Tanakh, understand and value that the Land of Israel informs and shapes the historical, theological, and sociological experiences of the Jewish People.

Standard 6:

Students will develop an appreciation for the sacredness of Tanakh as the primary record of the meeting between God and the people of Israel and as an essential text through which Jews continue to grapple with theological, spiritual, and existential questions.

Standard 7:

Students will understand, through the study of Tanakh and its interpretations, the role of mitzvot in the shaping of the ethical character and religious practices of the individual and the Jewish People.

Standard 8:

Students will develop a love of Torah study for its own sake and embrace it as an inspiring resource, informing their values, moral commitments, and ways of experiencing the world.