Ivriyon FAQ

Who participates in Ivriyon?
Ivriyon is designed for day school teachers and for graduate students completing an MA in Jewish Studies who plan to teach in a day school.

How will Ivriyon advance my career?
Ivriyon is a Hebrew–immersion program that trains teachers to teach Judaic studies in Hebrew. After a summer at Ivriyon, you will be able to lead class discussions in Hebrew, help students articulate ideas and feelings in Hebrew, create grammatically correct teaching materials, converse with Israeli colleagues, and make use of the latest technologies for teaching the language. A month of intense Hebrew immersion will raise your skills to a new level.

Who are the instructors in the program?
The instructors are native Hebrew speakers who are veteran members of the Hebrew Language faculty.

What is the cost of the program?
The tuition is subsidized, and out–of–towners receive free accommodations in an air-conditioned JTS dormitory. Breakfast and lunch are also free to all participants. There is a $50 application fee due with the application, and a $350 registration fee due upon acceptance

How interactive is the program?
We believe that Hebrew is best learned in an environment that is interactive and fun. Ivriyon has a small student–teacher ratio, and class time includes Hebrew conversations, teaching model lessons, and Hebrew presentations. You will strengthen your grammar and hear lecturers from around the country on innovations in teaching Jewish studies in Hebrew.

When is the application deadline, and how do I apply?
Applications are being accepted on a rolling basis until all slots have been filled. View the Ivriyon application.

How well do I need to know Hebrew in order to participate in Ivriyon?
You need to have a solid intermediate grasp of Hebrew. For more information, see Hebrew Proficiency.

Where do Ivriyon students stay during the program?

Participants who do not live within commuting distance of The Jewish Theological Seminary will be offered housing in the Brush Residence Hall on the JTS campus. Men and women will be housed in separate suites, all of which are air-conditioned. The building also includes twenty-four-hour manned security. Housing is for individuals and not for couples or families.

Do you have more questions?
Send an email to ivriyon@jtsa.edu. We would be glad to help answer your questions.