Ivriyon: Hebrew Immersion Institute for Day School Educators, June 29–July 23, 2015


The Ivriyon program strengthens the Hebrew language proficiency skills necessary for teaching in Hebrew by way of peer teaching, participant presentations, and textual study. A review of Hebrew grammar and a focus on vocabulary expansion are also integral to the program. Ivriyon is run in partnership with the Hebrew Language program at The Jewish Theological Seminary.

Create a Hebrew environment in your classroom
Lead discussions in Hebrew with your students
Write grammatically correct exercises and instructions
Help students articulate ideas and feelings in Hebrew
Converse comfortably with your Israeli colleagues

Ivriyon graduates will be assigned a mentor to assist them in applying their skills for teaching in Hebrew throughout the school year. The Ivriyon program is subsidized by a grant from the AVI CHAI Foundation and is cosponsored by the William Davidson Graduate School of Jewish Education. There is a $50 application fee, and $350 registration fee. Tuition is subsidized and out-of-town participants receive free accommodations in JTS dormitories.

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What is a Language-Immersion Program?
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How Well Do I Have to Know Hebrew?

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For more information, email us at ivriyon@jtsa.edu or call (212) 280-6007.