Day School Leadership Training Institute

To ensure the growth and success of Jewish day schools, the Day School Leadership Training Institute (DSLTI) prepares and supports a cadre of visionary and skilled heads of school who are committed to exemplifying and developing Jewish values for this and future generations. A pluralistic professional development program, the institute provides a cutting-edge curriculum, dynamic experiences in authentic contexts, collaborative cohort groupings, and ongoing mentoring and support.

DSLTI is a 15-month program consisting of two consecutive three-week summer sessions and a series of three-day retreats, all facilitated by a team of highly skilled mentors. DSLTI is a vibrant learning community that imbues participants with content knowledge, practical skills, and new tools with which to analyze and reflect on leadership issues.

The institute is designed to offer a rich understanding of day school headship through the lenses of Judaism, education, and leadership:

Explore how a Jewish worldview informs educational theory and grounds practice and decision-making.

Enhance knowledge of curriculum development and assessment, theories and practice of learning in contemporary society, professional development, and school culture.

Develop skills in communications, budget and finance, development, recruitment and retention, marketing, board relations, and organizational change.

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DSLTI participants learn to articulate personal visions of educational leadership and gain an understanding of a leadership style that is grounded in self-reflection and Jewish values. Program experiences are highly interactive, with case studies, simulations, and problem-based learning as main approaches.

In addition to fostering individual development, DSLTI is committed to forming a cadre of outstanding Jewish educational leaders who share a common language and will support each other as they take leadership positions in day schools across North America. DSLTI alumni provide an informal consulting network for one another.

Upcoming dates for DSLTI Cohort 9:

Fall Retreat: Sunday-Tuesday, November 8-10, 2015
Spring Retreat: Sunday-Tuesday, April 3-5, 2016
Summer Institute 2: July 11-29, 2016

The Day School Leadership Training Institute (DSLTI) is funded by generous grants from The Jewish Theological Seminary, the AVI CHAI Foundation, and the Alan B. Slifka Foundation.