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The Davidson School Field Practitioners

Your work at The Davidson School is only the first step in your professional training and growth, and we want to continue serious engagement and support of alumni by providing experienced, outstanding mentors to help guide and support you in your first years on the job.

As they enter the field of Jewish education, our graduates benefit from the extensive personal and professional expertise of field-based practitioners.

The ten field-based practitioners were chosen from over eighty applications and represent the day school movement, synagogue school educators, and informal practitioners.

The mentoring process facilitates self-directed adult learning. The relationship involves a mentor and mentee learning together, rather than "mentor cloning" or the mentor projecting his or her own lived experience on the mentee.


One mentee wrote:
"I have felt as though I am no longer a part of a community of Jewish professionals. Whereas I used to have the opportunity to discuss and be exposed to new ideas and experiences . . . this is no longer the case. Additionally, being that I am no longer a student, I do not have the access that I am accustomed to regarding articles and books on Jewish education. I expressed this concern and frustration to [my mentor] early on. He has responded by not only making suggestions, but sending me articles as well. In turn, my education is continuing. I hope that this aspect of our relationship continues, as I desire to remain a lifelong student."

Dr. Lois Zachary:
"There is no greater contribution to a beginning practitioner than the gift of a mentor who provides ongoing, honest, constructive feedback. Expanding the capacity of a mentee promotes competence, inspires confidence, and enriches the learning experience."

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Career Services

Sheri Morris, Robin Kellner Friedman, Nancy ParkesWhether you are looking for a new job, exploring a career change, or need to hire the perfect candidate, Career Services is your place for help. All graduates of The Davidson School may take advantage of the following career networking services:

1) Do you have a part-time or full-time job you want to advertise? Send us a full description and we will pass it along to Davidson students and alumni! If you need a job and wish to receive current listings of job openings in Jewish education, email at

2) Need to rewrite your resume? Want to brush up on interview skills? Career coaching is available to all alumni from Cheryl Magen.

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Alumni Gatherings

The Davidson School Office of Alumni Relations is hard at work planning annual and regional events to ensure alumni have the opportunity to reconnect with each other and The Davidson School. Bonds forged and memories made at The Davidson School continue to offer strength and support for a lifetime. We hope to see you at one of our events in the near future.

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