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"I want this learning experience to be meaningful" and "I want my learners to find meaning through Jewish practice" are two comments we hear a lot in the field of Jewish education. All educators must consider the role that meaning plays in their work with learners. The term is one that is often used in a variety of contexts in contemporary discourse about Jewish education and identity. However, it is a term that is loosely defined and often used differently among various people who invoke it. In this issue we look at the concept of "meaning"-how people use it, what it might denote, and what the implications of these ideas are for our work in Jewish education. 

The articles in this issue of Gleanings are part of a larger collection that The Davidson School sourced from over 20 leaders in Jewish education as part of a conference convened in June 2015 at JTS around the term "meaning" with support from the Lippman Kanfer Foundation for Living Torah. We also invite you to view the following keynote addresses:  

The Philosophy of Meaning
Dr. Daniel Pekarsky  

The Search for Meaning in Judaism
Rabbi Rachel Nussbaum

Meaning, Authenticity, and Recognition
Dr. Stuart Charme

Exploring Jewish Meaning Through Authenticity, Lived Experience, and Reflective Practice (Strategies in an Informal Education Structure)
Dr. Belinda Keshen

What Is the Meaning of Meaning in Jewish Education?
Rabbi Dov Lerea

A Conference on The Meaning of Meaning in Jewish Education
Dr. Judith Hauptman

The Sociology and Psychology of Meaning: a Mental Health Perspective
Dr. Jonathan Cohen

Meaning-Making in the K-7 Supplemental School Context
Rabbi Eve Rudin

Finding Meaning in Jewish Studies at College
Lauren Kurland

The Search for Meaning on College Campuses 
Dr. Gwynn Kessler

MA DSLTI Ivriyon Standards and Benchmarks
MA Degree DSLTI Ivriyon Standards and Benchmarks


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Dr. Zachary Lasker, Director, Educational Projects, Melton Research Center and The Davidson School
Dr. Ofra Backenroth, Associate Dean and Adjunct Assistant Professor of Jewish Education, The Davidson School
Rachel Cahn, Senior Manager of Communications, The Davidson School
Debbie Kerschner, Operations Manager, The Davidson School

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