How to Donate to Torah Fund

Thank you for your interest in supporting Torah Fund.

Torah Fund Pins
For over forty years, Torah Fund has issued distinctive pins designed by outstanding artists, which have been worn with pride by women throughout the world. Many women have assembled an archive of these pins going back decades.

Keter Kavod Pin Crown of Honor
This fourteen-karat-gold pin replicates an eighteenth-century manuscript from the Rare Book Room of The Library of The Jewish Theological Seminary. It is a gift to those who commit to an annual $5,000 unencumbered contribution to Torah Fund.


Torah Fund Cards
The beautifully designed Torah Fund tzedakah box is perfect for inclusion in your campaign planning. Susan Leviton, artist and fellow Women's League member, envisioned a tzedakah box that would be a work of art, enhancing the beauty of Shabbat and tefillot.

The design and the inspiration of the wording motivates women to keep display the box and serves as a reminder of their new or renewed commitment to Torah Fund and the perpetuation of Conservative/Masorti Judaism. See our Tzedakah Box strategies tip sheet to help maximize visibility and donations (PDF).

Online Giving
Torah Fund Campaign of Women's League for Conservative Judaism gives every person an opportunity to participate in preserving, promoting, and perpetuating Conservative/Masorti Judaism: Give to the Torah Fund Campaign.

Installment Giving
Torah Fund Vice Presidents and Chairpersons, as well as donors, can contact Sherrill Moss-Solomon at or (212) 678-8977. Donations to the Torah Fund Campaign can be made with all major credit cards (MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover). We can deduct a monthly amount for all pledges of $600 and above. You can also request individual sisterhood reports and regional reports.