Donor Spotlight

Why Give to JTS?

  • Because Jewish learning is your passion.
  • Because you know the future of the Jewish people depends on leadership and JTS creates innovative leaders.
  • Because Chancellor Eisen's vision echoes your values and the kind of Judaism you want to pass on to your children and grandchildren.

The donors in our Donor Spotlight care deeply about Jewish learning, leadership, and vision. Here are their stories:

Ruth and Stephen Hendel
Ruth and Stephen Hendel

"For us, [the acclaimed Broadway show] Fela! is an expression of what it means to be Jewish. We were motivated to help create the show because it embodied fundamental Jewish precepts."

—Ruth and Stephen Hendel

Diane and Howard Wohl

"We decided to establish the Diane and Howard Wohl Alumni Office because of our strong belief in Conservative Judaism and to ensure that JTS alumni from all five schools have the opportunity to connect, regardless of where they are in the world today. We feel that JTS is the center of Jewish learning and living that enables Conservative Jews to live an enriched Jewish life."

—The Wohls