Project Judaica Graduation 2009

Six students recently graduated from the five-year BA/MA program of Project Judaica, the groundbreaking joint program of The Jewish Theological Seminary and the Russian State University for the Humanities (RSUH) in Moscow.

An additional eight students completed the one-year program, which trains Russian Jewish lay leaders in Jewish studies and Jewish communal affairs. The fourteen graduates bring the total number of Project Judaica graduates to more than 100 over the program's eighteen-year history.

Project Judaica was created in 1991 to help reverse the exclusion and suppression of Jewish studies in higher education in the former Soviet Union (FSU). Its principal goals are to train a generation of indigenous Russian scholars of Judaica, reestablish Jewish studies as a legitimate area of university study, foster the revival of Jewish life in Russia, and discover and describe all Jewish-related materials held in the archives of the FSU. The project is directed by Dr. David Fishman, professor of Jewish history at JTS, and Professor Natalya Basovskaya, vice rector, RSUH, and a well-known historian and popular radio personality who conducts a radio program on world history on the Echo of Moscow radio station. Nineteen JTS professors have taught in Project Judaica since its inception.

Students graduating from the BA/MA program include: Elena Grushevskaya, Dina Terletskaya, Aliya Urmanova, and Maria Voropaeva, all of Moscow; Victoria Gerasimova, Smolensk; and Elena Solopova, Obminsk, Kaluzh Oblast.

Information about Project Judaica is available by contacting the RSUH Center for Biblical and Jewish Studies in Moscow at 7-495-250-6470 or Dr. Fishman in New York City at (212) 678-8001.