"Water Log" Reviews Blind Impress at JTS

"The effect of personal history in an artist's oeuvre, the role of metaphor, the extent to which an artist can decipher or explain her own work - these are all questions that come to mind when viewing Yudith Schreiber's photographs in 'Blind Impress,' currently on exhibit at The Jewish Theological Seminary.

Through a series of images, some of the coast and the sea, others of found, discarded and often unidentifiable flotsam, Schreiber explores these issues and what it means to remember or attempt to salvage memory of tragic and unsolved trauma. Schreiber's long interest in photographs related to water is linked, as she says, to her 'personal history, which is part of Israel's national history.'  In 1968, the submarine Dakar, with its entire crew, including Schreiber's older brother, Sergeant First Class Amnon Ron, was lost and went missing for 31 years. Despite recovery of the vessel in 1999, the cause of the submarine's loss and destruction remains shrouded in mystery."

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