Sharon Liberman Mintz, Curator of Jewish Art at The JTS Library, Helps Visitors “Discover the Art of Matrimony at Columbus Museum of Art”

"(Columbus, OH) -The Columbus Museum of Art presents The Art of Matrimony: Thirty Splendid Marriage Contracts from The Jewish Theological Seminary Library April 1 - June 15. For more than two thousand years, the ketubbah, or Hebrew marriage contract, has been an integral part of Jewish culture. Found in the homes of married Jews, whether wealthy or poor, scholar or layman, in the West or in the East, ketubbot provide a wealth of information concerning the artistic creativity, cultural interactions and social history of the Jewish communities in which they were created. As testimonies to the sacredness of marriage, works of art, and repositories of Jewish history, these magnificent treasures offer insights and delights in equal measure."

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