Read Chancellor Eisen's Article, "Bridging the Secular/Religious Divide in Ourselves and the World"

"Many of the thousands of Jews attending Yom Kippur services this year will do so despite complex and ambivalent feelings about religion, and regardless of uncertainty (or outright skepticism) about belief in God. I am glad those Jews will be in synagogue. A lot of good is accomplished thanks to the age-old Jewish process of return and renewal. Communities are revitalized and relationships repaired. Still, I am not sure we serve these Jews as well as we could by subjecting them to a liturgy that presumes a year-round regimen of practice in which they do not engage, and assumptions about life and death that they do not share. Numerous jokes and statistics about "three-day-a-year Jews" bear witness to the fact that High Holiday observance rarely persuades Jews to walk throughout the year on the path defined by Jewish tradition. It behooves all those who care deeply about the future of Judaism to wonder why."

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