Dr. Zachary Lasker on the Engagement of Students in Religious Schools

"This summer I was in Cleveland teaching a course on Jewish education, and after days of sitting, my legs yearned to stretch. A nearby yoga center piqued my interest, and nervously I entered the studio. I'd only been practicing for 18 months, and at home managed to overcome my insecurity as one of the least coordinated individuals by sticking with a few particular instructors. In Cleveland I was out of my comfort zone - new location, new class, new teacher. We proceeded through a series of poses to which I was, thankfully, accustomed. Standing pose. Chair pose. Plank. As I settled into the core Downward Facing Dog pose my nerves melted into confidence. I could walk into any yoga studio, and feel at home in my practice. How do they it? ...and why does this question feel all too familiar?"

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