Dr. Meredith Katz Describes the Educational Opportunities Modeled by JCAT in “‘Dear Mr. Herzl’”

"Dear Mr. Herzl,

Father of Zionism! I entered the world only a few years after your passage from it, and over the course of my long life I witnessed your worst nightmares of anti-Semitism in Europe and your highest dreams for the land of Israel as a modern nation all come true. How much we have to talk about! You and I know what it is to bang on the doors of princes and presidents and popes in the pursuit of justice! I myself always found the power to move forward knowing I was the partner of the Divine in the ongoing work of healing creation-but I know you did not consider yourself a godly man . . . tell me, where did you find the strength to set out to change the world?

-Abraham Joshua Heschel"

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