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Name: Robert A. Harris
Associate Professor of Bible
Department: Department of Bible and Ancient Semitic Languages

Dr. Robert Harris teaches courses in biblical literature and commentary, particularly medieval Jewish biblical exegesis. Dr. Harris has served JTS in a variety of roles, including assistant to the director of The Library, JTS professor-in-residence at Camp Ramah in the Poconos, and gifted director of musical theater productions at JTS.

Dr. Harris lectures on biblical narrative and Jewish liturgy in congregations and adult-education institutes around the country; recent topics include "Murder, They Wrote," a study of biblical murder narratives; "Unfolding the Text: An Introduction to Jewish Medieval Bible Commentaries," upon which a textbook project will be based; "Threes Become Four: How the Maxwell House Haggadah Became a Canonized Text"; and "That Kislev Affair: What Really Happened at Hanukkah?" Dr. Harris's forthcoming books include Discerning Parallelism: A Study in Northern French Medieval Jewish Biblical Exegesis and Rabbi Eliezer of Beaugency’s Commentary on Amos and Jonah (with selections from Isaiah and Ezekiel).

Dr. Harris is a graduate of the Joint Program between JTS and Columbia University, and received a BA in Ancient Studies from Columbia and a BHL in Talmud from JTS. He also received an MA in Judaica, an MPhil in Bible, and a PhD from JTS.


"Unfolding the Text"
"I Peshat the Torah: Contextuality and Spirituality in the Study of Torah"
"In the Beginning, There Were . . . Commentaries"
"To Fill in the Gaps . . . With Tefillin"
"Jews and Christians Read Scripture"

"The Word Barukh: What's in a Blessing?"
"Murder, They Wrote: Murder Narratives in the Hebrew Bible"
"The Rape of Dinah Within Its Literary Frame"
"Jacob, the Wicked? The Biblical Patriarch in Context"
"Threes Become Fours, Or: How the Maxwell House Haggadah Became a Canonized Text"
"That Kislev Affair: What Really Happened at Hanukkah"

Biblical Studies
Medieval Jewish Commentaries
Jewish Liturgy

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