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Name: Dr. Raymond P. Scheindlin
Title: Professor of Medieval Hebrew Literature; Director, Shalom Spiegel Institute of Medieval Hebrew Poetry
Department: Jewish Literature; Medieval Studies Program

Dr. Raymond Scheindlin teaches and conducts research on the encounter of Hebrew and Arabic cultures in Spain, especially as embodied in the poetry of the two traditions. An expert on Arabic literature, Dr. Scheindlin is the author of a reference book, widely used by students of Arabic, titled 201 Arabic Verbs. He also pursues an interest in literary translation, having published translations of a Yiddish novella by Mendele Mocher Seforim and of a number of medieval Hebrew fictions.

Dr. Scheindlin was a Guggenheim Fellow in 1988. He served for three years as the part-time rabbi of the Kane Street Synagogue in Brooklyn. He is a fellow and a member of the Executive Committee of the American Academy of Jewish Research, as well as a member of PEN American Center and the editorial boards of the journals Prooftexts, Studies in Muslim-Jewish Relations, the Jewish Ouarterly Review, and Edebiyat. Dr. Scheindlin served on the faculties of McGill and Cornell universities before assuming his position at JTS.

A native of Philadelphia, Dr. Scheindlin received a BA in Oriental Studies from the University of Pennsylvania, an MHL, rabbinic ordination from JTS, and a PhD from Columbia University.


"The Bible and the Quran: An Introduction to Islam for Jews"
"Wine, Women, and Death: The Golden Age of Hebrew Literature"
"Jews and Arabs: The Flourishing of Judeo-Arabic Culture When Islam Ruled the World"
"Islamic Reform?: A Jewish Perspective"
"The Jews of
"Translating the Bible"

Jews and Arabs in the Middle Ages
Medieval Hebrew Literature and Culture
Impact of Islam on Jewish Culture
Hebrew Poetry in the Premodern Period

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