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Name: Dr. Jack Wertheimer
Title: Joseph and Martha Mendelson Professor of American Jewish History

Department: Jewish History

Dr. Jack Wertheimer is the Joseph and Martha Mendelson Professor of American Jewish History.

Dr. Wertheimer writes on American Jewish religious, educational and communal life since World War II, with a special focus on the contemporary scene. Among his dozen books are edited volumes on the connection between families and Jewish education (Family Matters), a two-volume history of JTS titled Tradition Renewed, a two volume edited collection of essays on Jewish Religious Leadership-Image and Reality and a study of young Jewish leaders (The New Jewish Leaders). He has written dozens of essays in Mosaic, on online journal.  



"How Synagogues Renew Themselves"
"The Pew Study Re-analyzed"
"The Changing Jewish Family: How Should We Respond?"
"Jewish Education Today: A Revolution in the Making"
"Walking the Tightrope: The Tension Between American and Jewish Values"
"The Current Condition of American Judaism"

American Jewish History
The Contemporary American Jewish Community
Trends in Religious Life

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