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Name: Dr. David Kraemer
Title: Joseph J. and Dora Abbell Librarian;
Professor of Talmud and Rabbinics
Department: Talmud and Rabbinics

Dr. David Kraemer's academic scholarship focuses on literary analysis of rabbinic literature, rabbinic ritual, and the social and religious history of Jews in late antiquity. He is an expert on Jewish foods and eating, Jewish burial practices and belieds about death and the after-life, and the history of Jewish books.Dr. Kraemer has been involved with the National Jewish Center for Learning and Leadership for many years. Under their auspices, he has lectured widely and directed a program for rabbinical studens from the major movements in American Judaism. He also served as a consultant for the new permanent exhibit at the Jewish Museum.

Dr. Kraemer received his bachelor's degree from Brandeis University and his master's degree and doctorate from The Jewish Theological Seminary. In addition, he spent a year studying at the HebrewUniversity in Jerusalem.



"Jewish Eating and Identity Through the Ages" 

"Eating Ethically: Jewish food values in the age of factory farming"

"Rare Gems of Jewish Culture: Hebrew Manuscripts and the Secret of Jewish Cultural Survival"

"Judaism and Islam: The Shared Tradition"

Judaism and Chrisitianity:What are the Real Differences?"

"Torah: Written, Oral, and Digital (The Future of Jewish Books, Torah, and Identity)" 

"The Sabbath: Understanding the greatest Jewish institution ever created" 

"Life, Death, and the Hereafter: The Mysteries of Judaism" 
"The Jewish Family: History and Ideology" 

"Understanding God's Justice" 

"The Survivals of Judaism: How Has Judasim Survived its Historical Crises (and what can we learn from our history for today)?"

"Body, Sexuality and Humanness in Jewish Tradition"

"Contemporary Jewish Ethics: A Creative Critique"

"Our Books of Wisdom: Challenging 'Orthodoxy' in the Hebrew Bible"

"The Not So Minor 'Minor' Prophets"

Jewish History
Interfaith Issues
Judaism and Food
Talmud and Rabbinics

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