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Name: Dr. David Fishman
Title: Director, Project Judaica

Dr. David Fishman's academic scholarship focuses on the history and culture of Jews in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union, modern Jewish political movements (Zionism and Jewish socialism), Yiddish culture, and the Holocaust. Dr. Fishman is director of Project Judaica, The Jewish Theological Seminary's program in Moscow and Kiev. He has taught at Bar Ilan University in Israel, as well as at universities in Russia, the Ukraine, and Lithuania, and is a senior research fellow at the YIVO Institute for Jewish Research.

Dr. Fishman received his bachelor's degree from Yeshiva University and his master's degree and doctorate from Harvard University.



"Vilna: The Jerusalem of Lithuania"
"The Shtetl—Myth and Reality"
"Yiddish Words and Jewish Values"
"Hasidism and Its Opponents"
"The Rescue of Jewish Cultural Treasures During the Holocaust""
"The Rabbis and the Russian Revolution"
"Religion and Secularism in Early Zionism"
"The East European Roots of Modern Israel"
"The Jews and the Soviet Union: A Love-Hate Relationship"
"Contemporary Russian Jews: A Community on Three Continents"


Jewish History
Jewish Religious and Political Movements
Yiddish Culture
Jews and Slavs

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