Resources for Celebrating Shavu’ot from JTS

Enrich your celebration of Shavu'ot with these holiday resources from The Jewish Theological Seminary. Hag sameah.

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Image credit (left to right): "Ethics of the Fathers" from The Rothschild Mahzor (Italy, 1490); Ruth and Naomi, photogravure by Jules Gabriel Levasseur after a painting by Ary Scheffer (New York, late 19th century) 

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Celebrate Shavu'ot with JTS

Erev Shavu'ot
Join JTS and Congregation Shaare Zedek on Tuesday, May 14, for learning and dinner, an all-night Tikkun Leil Shavu'ot, and an early morning Shaharit service at Congregation Shaare Zedek (212 West 93rd Street, New York City).

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"Topics in Talmud: Matan Torah"

"The Laws of Sefirah and Shavu'ot
"How Do You Measure a Year?"

"Sacred Schlepping"

"Why We Eat Dairy on Shavu'ot" by JTS Chancellor Emeritus Ismar Schorsch

"Birth and the Giving of the Torah"


Resources for Parents and Families

Reading Tips and Resources for Shavu'ot from PJ Library 

"Shavuot Values for Preschoolers" on Kveller

"Why Shavuot Has Few Rituals" on My Jewish Learning by JTS Chancellor Emeritus Ismar Schorsch

"Shavuot Activities for Kids" on My Jewish Learning by JTS alumna Sarah Chandler