Chancellor Eisen's Latest Blog Posts

There are new two posts this week on the chancellor's blog, On My Mind: Arnie Eisen:

"I know that 'man bites dog' is news and not the other way around; media always favor the sensational and go for the bad far more than the good," writes Chancellor Eisen in his latest blog post. "The latter is often frothy rather than treated seriously. But it also seems that positive images and stories make their way into local or national news more often than into international coverage, especially about the Middle East." Read more in "Coming Closer to Israel."

On the occasion of his father's third yortseyt, Chancellor Eisen writes: "It's not difficult to recall numerous ways in which I have been shaped—as a person, a father, a Jew, a man, a friend, a husband, and much, much more—by my father, Alan Eisen (z"l) . . . The problem is not finding examples of my father's influence on me, but identifying areas where that influence is absent." Read more in "On My Father's Yortseyt."

("On My Father's Yortseyt" reposts a piece originally written for the blog series Mentshen, sponsored by FJMC, the Federation of Jewish Men's Clubs)