Chancellor Eisen Writes About Israel Now and Making Sacred Spaces in Two New Online Posts

Are there any other countries in the world—even countries younger than Israel—about which daily political mainstream conversation asks, "Does this nation have a future?"

Read "Israel in Winter," Chancellor Eisen's latest blog post for On My Mind: Arnie Eisen, in which he writes about the two very real threats facing Israel today—one from outside its borders and one from within.

In his newest column for the Huffington Post, JTS Chancellor Arnold M. Eisen investigates the reasons and purpose of the sacred spaces that human beings create, whether humble or grand:

"For the Israelites in the wilderness (unlike later Temple builders in Jerusalem), sacred space was a fairly humble affair . . . What were the Israelites of old hoping to accomplish when they built their Tabernacle? What was God trying to achieve in ordering them to do so? What are we doing when we build and cherish churches, synagogues, and mosques of whatever size and grandeur today?" Read "Making Sacred Spaces," online now in the Huffington Post.

Arnold M. Eisen, one of the world's foremost experts on American Judaism, is the seventh chancellor of The Jewish Theological Seminary.