Tuition and Fees

2015–2016 Financial Aid Budgets

A student's budget typically includes tuition, fees, housing, food, books, and personal expenses. These items are all factored into the total cost of education, which is used to calculate financial aid. You will not, however, be billed for each of these items.

For example, books and personal expenses must be included in the total cost of education, but will vary from student to student. These figures will also vary depending on which of our dual-degree programs a student chooses. Below are sample budgets for 2014–2015.

The total cost of education is used along with data from the FAFSA and CSS profile forms to determine demonstrated need. If you have demonstrated need, you are eligible for need-based financial aid. Albert A. List College of Jewish Studies meets up to 100 percent of demonstrated need for all students who are eligible.

In addition, all admitted students are automatically considered for a variety of merit awards. We also offer a no-interest payment plan. Please contact the Admissions Office with questions about merit scholarships or the Financial Aid Office.

Joint Program with Columbia University

List College Tuition and Fees $20,340 (18 or more credits per year)
Columbia Tuition and Fees $25,714 ($1,570/credit for 15 credits)
List College Joint Program Fee $2,560
List College Housing $11,720
Books and Supplies $500
Meals* $2,500
Personal Expenses $1,500
TOTAL $64,834


Double Degree Program with Barnard College
Learn more about Double Degree tuition information.

List College Tuition and Fees $17,320 (9 credits in Fall semester and 6 credits in Spring semester)
Barnard Tuition and Fees $38,476
Room and Board $15,110
Books and Supplies $1,650
Personal Expenses $1,370
TOTAL $73,926


List College Only

JTS Tuition and Fees $20,340 (18 or more credits per year)
Housing $11,720
Meals* $2,500
Books and Supplies $500
Personal Expenses $1,500
TOTAL $36,560

Our admissions decisions are need-blind. Financial need or ability to pay play no part in the decision process. Financial aid applications are processed after all admissions decisions.

*List College does not offer a meal plan, as students have full kitchens in the residence halls. For financial aid purposes, we budget $2,500 for ingredients to prepare meals and/or meals purchased in the dining halls at Columbia/Barnard and JTS. However, the amount students actually spend may vary.