List College Majors

You may declare a List College major in either the second semester of your sophomore year or the first semester of your junior year. When you are ready to choose your major, your List College Dean's Office advisor will discuss the many majors available to you.

How to Declare a Major
1. Make an appointment with the undergraduate advisor for your chosen major.
2. Fill out the major declaration form.
3. Meet with the major advisor to discuss declaring your major and obtain his or her signature on the form.
4. Bring the signed form back to the List College Dean's Office.

Your List College Dean's Office Advisor Will
  keep your academic file.
•  give final approval for your JTS course registration each semester.
•  advise you on core requirements and placement.
•  approve any courses you wish to take at other universities.
•  assist you in keeping track of your progress toward completing your requirements for graduation.

List College Majors You Can Explore
Ancient Judaism
Hebrew Bible and Its Interpretation
Jewish Art and Visual Culture
Jewish History
Jewish Literature
Jewish Music
Jewish Thought
Jewish Gender and Women's Studies
Medieval and Early Modern Jewish Studies
Midrash and Scriptural Interpretation
Modern Jewish Studies
Talmud and Rabbinics

Creating Your Own Interdisciplinary Major
If a major is not listed above, students can create their own interdisciplinary major:

1. Meet with your List College advisor to discuss your options, explore your interests, discover how to fit them into existing majors, and determine which faculty member(s) might advise your potential interdisciplinary major.
2. Meet with the identified faculty member(s).
3. Develop a proposal for your interdisciplinary major.
4. Submit your proposal to the List College dean.