List College Academics

Your academic journey at List College begins with two courses designed specifically for first-year students: the first-year seminar and List College 101.

First-year seminars are limited to 15 students each and allow for the opportunity to study with a leading JTS faculty member. First-year seminars explore diverse topics that run the gamut from holiness to Jewish responses to catastrophe, and help strengthen student's critical thinking, oral expression, writing skills, and acculturation to studies at JTS.

List 101 brings together the entire first-year class once a week, providing the opportunity to interact and form an academic and social community with fellow students and our renowned faculty and administration. Topics addressed include Campus resources, Conservative Judaism, Pluralism, Faith and spirituality, Academic integrity, College survival skills, Community service, and Health and wellness.

List College Core Curriculum
The List College core curriculum imbues students with a diverse and comprehensive Judaic studies education.

Students entering the program with significant previous formal Jewish education may fulfill core requirements with more advanced courses. Introductory courses are available for students with less formal Jewish education. List College academic advisors will help determine which courses and levels are appropriate.

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For complete descriptions of List College curricula, policies, procedures, and academic prizes, see the JTS Academic Bulletin