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NOTE: All in-class training and workshop sessions will take place in the IT Training room, U501.

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Microsoft Office 2007 Skills
Word Basic (Editing and Basic Formatting)
Word Intermediate (Formatting, Page Layout, and Inserting Objects)
Word Advanced (Review, References, Mailings)
Excel Basic (Creating and Managing Data)
Excel Intermediate (Basic Formulas, Charts, and Graphs)
Excel Advanced (Functions, Formulas, and Pivot Tables)
PowerPoint Basic (Basic Slideshow)
PowerPoint Advanced (Multimedia Slideshow)
Outlook Emailing and Contacts
Outlook Calendar
Blackboard Skills
Course Content and Communication
Assignments, Tests, and Grade Center
Multimedia Course Content
Ingeniux 8 Content Management System (CMS) Skills
Overview of Ingeniux 8 CMS
Creating and Editing Content (New Pages and Components)
Advanced Editing in Ingeniux 8 (HTML, Tables, and More)
Other Computer Skills
Working With and Creating Forms in PDFs
File Management

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