Blackboard Workshops

Interested in a time-saving tool that is a valuable resource for your students as well? What is a hybrid course? How does it enhance the traditional learning experience? How can using Blackboard be beneficial for you and for your students?

Create a hybrid course from start to finish
Upload your syllabus
Post a document (Word, PDF, Davka, etc) to Blackboard
Record and post grades through an online grade book
Grade assignments that your students submitted through Blackboard
Incorporate your midterm and final assignments on Blackboard
Ask your students questions to prepare online
Collect papers
Collaborate/group work
Create an email class (roster) list

Schedule a Blackboard Workshop
Blackboard workshops are open to all faculty and staff. One-on-one instruction is available by appointment only. Please contact Kenny Hirschmann at or 212-280-6198. See the four offerings listed below.

Blackboard Sh'lav Alef
: An introduction to the Blackboard environment, communities, class list, navigation, course configuration, roster, and tools.

Blackboard Sh'lav Bet:
A more advanced workshop designed to get you started building content in your Blackboard course. Learn how to customize your navigation, create different types of content pages, upload/attach files, embed audio and video, use mashups, and conditional release.

Blackboard Ma Chadash:
You may have noticed some new features in Blackboard these days. That's because we recently upgraded to a newer version of the software. There are many new features to cover, including My Blackboard, Visual Text Box Editor, File Picker, Video Everywhere, Calendar, Retention Center, Discussion Forum, Inline Assignment Grading, and Tests & Surveys.

Blackboard Grade Center: Start the semester off right with your gradebook properly set up. Learn the intricacies and idiosyncracies of the Blackboard gradebook including configuration, creating columns, calculating columns, smart views, how to grade quizzes, assignments and discussions, inline assignment grading, and offline grading. Bring a copy of your syllabus.

View a selection of Blackboard Training Resources.