JTS Wireless Access

Wireless access changes the way we experience communications and enables new freedom and allow us to get information “on the go”.

Wireless Access is available in the following locations to anyone with a valid active JTS username and password, using a laptop or any other internet mobile (wireless) device.

  • Beit Midrash
  • Dining Hall
  • PDR
  • Courtyard
  • 2nd Floor Courtyard
  • Feinberg Auditorium
  • Mendelson
  • Kripke 406
  • Kripke 506
  • 7th Floor Computer Lab
  • Library 2nd Floor
  • Library 3rd floor
  • Library 5th Floor Lounge
  • Wingate Auditorium
  • Rare Book Reading Room
  • Student Lounge - Billie Rosenthal Rubinoff Center for Student Life

Before your computer will be able to access the internet, you will need to log in. First, make sure that your wireless connection is active and that you have selected the network JTSA. Enter your username and password and put in the domain CAMPUS. Because of enhanced network security, you will need this wireless network setup guide to connect using a computer running Windows Vista.