Accessing Your JTS account From Telnet on Mac OS X (10.3 and Later)

  1. From the desktop, click the Go menu, and select Utilities.

  2. In the Utilities window, double-click Terminal.

  3. In the Terminal window that comes up, type telnet and hit Return.

  4. At the prompt for Username, type the first half of your JTS email address then hit Return. (The first half of your email address is everything before the @ sign. For example, if your address is, then you will type etgreenbaum.) At the prompt for Password, type your password. No dots or readout of any kind will appear at the prompt, but when you have typed the password, hit Return. If your password has expired, it will ask you to type in a new one.

    If you are trying to access your email using PINE, then choose 2 from the menu.