Sam Rosen

Hometown: Sugar Land, Texas

Degree Program, JTS: Master of Arts in Jewish History

Education: Bachelor of Arts in Music and Bachelor of Arts in Jewish Studies, University of Texas at Austin

After JTS (I plan to) . . . study in Israel in order to research the history of Zionism and pursue an academic career in the study of the origins of Zionism. I also plan to study German so I can access all the materials written in German throughout Jewish history.

Internship(s): I work at a Hebrew bookstore in downtown Manhattan, which sells exclusively Hebrew-language books ranging from the Harry Potter series to university-level language textbooks. Working there has greatly improved my Hebrew language proficiency.

Favorite Class at JTS: In my first semester at JTS, I took Sephardic Diaspora. My maternal ancestors come from Turkey by way of Cuba, and I had always wanted to learn more about those communities. Instructor Devi Mays's knowledge of that history is artistry. 

Best JTS Experience: Seeing some of the treasures in the Rare Book Room at The JTS Library was a moving and unusual experience.

Three Favorite Things About Living in New York City:  

1. The diversity, camaraderie, and cultural richness.  

2. I haven't encountered the stereotypical "unpleasant" New Yorker—ever.

3. I love to cook, and New York City is the perfect place to satisfy my gastronomic desires. 

Sam Rosen