Education continues beyond the classroom at The Graduate School. Through a variety of resources and extracurricular opportunities, JTS graduate students are able to develop a strong network of colleagues, which serves them both during their studies at JTS and throughout their professional careers.

Graduate School Student Organization (GSSO)

The Graduate School Student Organization (GSSO) is a dynamic, student-run organization designed to foster community and promote professional development. The GSSO provides a wide range of programs and benefits, including:

  • Biweekly academic forums for students to present their original research
  • Social events such as happy hours and trips to local museums and exhibits
  • Stipends for students to attend academic conferences
  • Subsidies for research-related expenses

In 2012, the GSSO hosted a nationwide graduate student conference, "Lost Texts."

Graduate School 101 Workshops

These professional development seminars help train students as practitioners of Jewish studies. Designed to build skills that can be used in the field, the workshops provide guidance on a wide range of practical topics, including how to:

  • maximize the Graduate School experience
  • build a strong advisor-advisee relationship
  • apply for grants
  • get the most out of attending an academic conference
  • be a great networker
  • develop a course syllabus
  • apply for jobs in one's field, as well as to PhD programs

Teaching and Research Opportunities

The Graduate School provides a range of opportunities for gaining work experience. Based on a student's degree program and area of study, he or she may have the opportunity to serve either as a research assistant, teaching assistant, and/or intern in a variety of settings within JTS and in the larger community.

The JTS Library

The Library of The Jewish Theological Seminary not only has the largest collection of Judaica in the Western Hemisphere, but also provides a place for students to gather-whether to research, study in carrels, or convene in study groups. Here students can also utilize the Rare Book Room, world renowned for its 25,000 rare books; 11,000 manuscripts; and incunabula, prints, illustrations, and other materials.



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