Doctorate of Hebrew Literature

The program leading to the doctor of Hebrew Literature degree in The Graduate School of The Jewish Theological Seminary is designed for students who wish to pursue advanced academic work in a field of Jewish studies, but do not wish to pursue an academic career. The degree is intended to certify that the recipient is qualified to teach his/her field on an undergraduate level and in nonuniversity settings. This program may be pursued on a part-time basis. Mid-career professionals who have master's-level competency in Jewish studies and want the rigor of a doctoral degree, but are not interested in a full-time career in academia, would benefit from the outstanding training of the Doctorate of Hebrew Literature Program.

DHL Areas of Study
Ancient Jewish Studies
Jewish History
Jewish Literature
Medieval and Early Modern Jewish Studies
Modern Jewish Studies
Talmud and Rabbinics


"As a rabbi working full-time in Jewish education, I wanted to continue my academic studies in the DHL program while continuing to teach. Not only do I benefit from the high-level Talmud study and discussions in my classes at JTS, but my students back at Solomon Schechter of Westchester benefit as well. The DHL has allowed me to continue my academic studies at my own pace. For myself and professionals in religious settings everywhere who want to continue their academic studies on a very high level, the DHL program at JTS is the perfect place to be."

-Rabbi Harry Pell
Rabbi-in-Residence, Solomon Schechter School of Westchester
Rabbinic ordination '05, MA '07, DHL '15


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