With more than 45 full-time Jewish studies faculty, JTS offers over 150 graduate-level Jewish studies courses each semester, in four doctoral areas and 15 master's areas of specialization such as Modern Jewish Studies, Talmud and Rabbinics, and Jewish Professional Leadership. JTS offers a variety of degree and non-degree options:

MA and DHL Areas of Study
Ancient Jewish Studies
Hebrew Bible and Its Interpretation
Jewish Art and Visual Culture
Jewish Ethics 
Jewish Gender and Women's Studies
Jewish History
Jewish Literature
Jewish Professional Leadership
           Jewish Studies and Public Administration
           Jewish Studies and Social Work
Jewish Studies and the Israel Studies Track/Semester at Ben-Gurion University
Jewish Thought
Medieval and Early Modern Jewish Studies
Modern Jewish Studies and the Israel Studies Track/Semester at Ben-Gurion University
Talmud and Rabbinics

Learn about the MA degree or the DHL degree.

PhD Areas of Study
Hebrew Bible and Its Interpretation
Rabbinic Literatures and Cultures
Medieval and Early Modern Jewish Studies
Modern Jewish Studies

Learn about the PhD degree and its areas of study.

If you are interested in taking a course simply for the sake of learning at its highest level, JTS is the ideal place for you. Individuals in all professions and stages of life who are seeking to enhance their knowledge of Jewish studies in an academic setting can audit a class or enroll for credit.

"My JTS experience has been absolutely wonderful. The courses I took covered material I always wanted to learn, and addressed questions I've had for many years. I have done lots of reading on my own, but studying in a class with incredible teachers and students raises my learning to a new level. Exploring and deepening my Jewish understanding at The Graduate School is a gift."

-Larry Schwartz
former principal of Lugz Boots and British Knights Sneakers, current non-degree student

Learn about taking non-degree courses.

JTS Courses
Courses are offered on many levels, from the introductory level to advanced specialized studies. Some introductory courses utilize Jewish texts in translation, while many other courses focus on Jewish texts in their original languages. In addition, as part of the Hebrew Fellows Program, which allows those fluent in Hebrew to take courses, attend lectures, and receive a financial award that assists in travel to Israel, several courses each year are taught in Hebrew.

Students work with their advisors prior to each semester to determine the courses that will best meet their needs. They have opportunity to register for courses not only at JTS but, through the JTS Consortium Arrangement, students may enroll in one course per semester at Columbia University or other schools.

Below is a sampling of just a few of this year's course offerings from the JTS Course Catalog. Please do peruse the catalog to learn more about the courses. Generally, Jewish studies courses listed at the 5000 level and above are open to graduate students. Hebrew courses at JTS are open to all JTS students, based on Hebrew placement.



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