Additional Resources on Conservative Halakhah

Papers and Publications

"Medical and Moral Reasons to Change the Law," by Rabbi Elliot Dorff;; December 2004. Rabbi Dorff explores health-related issues that make changing halakhah on gay sex an advisable option, in his opinion.

"The Conservative Movement and Homosexuality: Settled Law in Unsettling Times," by Rabbi Joseph H. Prouser; United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism; Fall 2006. Rabbi Prouser examines the consequences of change in established law that, in his view, make the case for affirming such law all the more compelling.

"Selected Opinions"; A selection of varying opinions on the status of gays in the rabbinate and in Jewish communities in general.

"The Conservative Movement and Homosexuality: Finding a Middle Path." by Rabbi Aaron L. Mackler; United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism; Fall 2006. Rabbi Mackler makes the case for outlawing anal intercourse between men, but relaxing other restrictions.

Press Release from the Rabbinical Assembly (March 8, 2006)


Basics About the CLJS


Philosophy Behind Halakhic Decision-Making


Books by Involved Rabbis, and Others:

The Halakhic Process, by Rabbi Joel Roth

The Unfolding Tradition, by Rabbi Elliot Dorff

A Living Tree: The Roots and Growth of Jewish Law
by Rabbi Elliot N. Dorff, Arthur I. Rosett

The Commission on Human Sexuality produced the rabbinic letter Rabbi Elliot Dorff wrote together with the members of the commission as "This Is My Beloved, This Is My Friend": A Rabbinic Letter on Human Intimacy (Rabbinical Assembly, 1996). It is now out of print, but it has been reprinted in a slightly revised form as Chapter Three of Rabbi Dorff's book Love Your Neighbor and Yourself: A Jewish Approach to Modern Personal Ethics (Philadelphia: Jewish Publication Society, 2003).