JTS is proud to introduce the JTS White Paper Series. Written by JTS faculty, these essays address current issues and events affecting the Jewish people and the world at large.

Read the introduction to False Profits by Chancellor Arnold M. Eisen

Read False Profits: A Jewish Response to Our Financial Crisis, which includes the following two essays:

"An Era of Responsibility" by Rabbi David Hoffman

If we are to take our Judaism seriously, we must expect and demand that our tradition responds to some of the greatest challenges in generations. In response to these economic and social crises, what might Judaism have to say to us?

"How Much Is Enough?" By Dr. Alan Mittleman

We must decide, again in both a personal way and as a nation, what degree of gain or growth is sustainable. We need to rescale our values and liberate ourselves from pegging our worth to our wealth. Above all, we must discover sources of moral wisdom in our tradition that reconcile us to hardship, financial and otherwise.