The Office of Residence Life (ORL)

CLEANING (minimum charges)Failure to remove recyclables$50.00 
 Failure to bag and/or remove garbage (in and around room and apartment)$150.00 
 Failure to clean room and/or empty cabinets$100.00 
 Failure to clean refrigerator$50.00 
 Failure to remove tape/posters/message board from doors$50.00 
 Walls to be washed$75.00per room
CHECK-OUTLate check-out$50.00initial fine
 Late check-out, per additional hour$10.00per hour
 Improper check-out$50.00 
 Move-out on Shabbat$180.00 
WALL DAMAGESRepainting of room (will not paint one wall)$600.00+depends on room size
 Pinholes, tape marks, funtack, or easy-to-remove tape on walls$5.00per instance
 1" to 2" diameter holes$25.00from duct tape, masking tape, scotch, pins, tacks, double-sided tape
 2" to 3" diameter holes$35.00 
 3" to 4" diameter holes$45.00 
 4" to 5" diameter holes$55.00 
 above 5" diameter holesTBD 
Fire Protection EquipmentMissing/damaged smoke detector$150.00 
 Missing fire extinguisher (suites)$100.00 
KEYSMissing/unofficial room keys$25.00per key
BEDROOM FURNITURE (damage replacement costs)Bed Frame$315.00 
 Bureau (three or five drawers)$430.00 
 Desk (standard, with pencil drawer)$360.00 
 Desk chair$180.00 
 Desk-top bookcase (carel)$256.00 
 Freestanding bookcase$342.00 
 Removal or relocation of extra furniture$25.00per piece
 Window replacement$200.00+depends on size
 Window shade$110.00 
 Window screen$25.00 
 Window blinds$85.00 
COMMON AREA FURNITURE (replacement costs; to be shared by all residents in an assigned area)Dining table$525.00 
 Dining chair$110.00 
 Lounge chair$625.00 
 End table$210.00 
 Coffee table$345.00 
 Carpet repair/replacement$300.00+depends on size

Please note: Actual material and labor costs may increase charges.