The Gross Family Director of the Goodman Language Lab

Hadassah Nemovicher has worked as The Gross Family Director of the Goodman Language Lab since 2002. She holds degrees in Jewish Education and Computer Science and has more than twenty years of experience in education. Ms. Nemovicher has taught Hebrew language instruction at all levels, from elementary school through continuing adult education, and she has been involved in the development of Jewish studies curricula. She has more than ten years of experience in technology, having held previous positions in database and systems implementation in Fortune 500 firms.

Ms. Nemovicher works closely with the JTS faculty, including members of the Hebrew Department, to select and create technological resources that meet the full range of pedagogic needs and to train faculty and students in the use of those resources.

Ms. Nemovicher delivered presentations in numerous well known conferences:

  • NAPH (National Association of Hebrew Professors), summer 2007, on " On-line Hebrew Assessments/Practices Tools"
  • NMELRC (National Middle East Language Resource Center), summer 2006, on "Using Technology in Proficiency Based Curriculum"
  • CALICO (Computer Assisted Language Instruction Consortium), spring 2006, on "Using Blackboard in designing On-line Hebrew Courses"
  • NAPH, spring 2005, on "Using Technology in Teaching Advanced Hebrew"
  • NEALLT (Northeast Association for Language Learning Technology), spring 2004, on "Technology and the Hebrew Language Curriculum"
  • NAPH, summers of 2003 and 2004, on "Technology in Learning Hebrew"

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