Abraham and Mollie Goodman Language Resource Center

The Goodman Center is located on the seventh floor of Kripke Tower, next to the Computer Lab. The Goodman Center, directed by Gross Family Director Hadassah Nemovicher, serves JTS students, in addition to faculty from the Hebrew Department and several other departments at JTS. Hebrew language students at all levels use the Goodman Center for classroom and homework assignments.

Those in need of remedial Hebrew language instruction or who wish to augment their facility with Hebrew also find the laboratory's resources useful. Periodically, the lab offers training sessions that teach students and faculty how to use the lab's resources more effectively.

On any given day, the Goodman Center might be used by any or all of the following: a beginning Hebrew language class reviewing the alphabet and learning pronunciation using a CD-ROM; intermediate students authoring quizzes in Hebrew; a group of advanced students analyzing a Hebrew language text by studying audio clips, or recording and listening to their own responses by using Can-8; or individual students coming in to work at their own pace, write a paper in Hebrew, or visit Israeli websites. Several days a week, the lab offers office hours, during which time the director is available to offer assistance and training.

The Goodman Language Resource Center follows the same schedule as the Student Computer Lab. For more information, please call (212) 678-8901.

Abraham and Mollie Goodman Language Resource Center

המעבדה הלשונית על שם גודמן