JTS Green Initiatives

Across JTS we have:

  • installed recyling bins for paper, bottles, and cans in every JTS building, including all faculty and staff offices, classrooms, and main throughways.
  • set up a recycling station for batteries and cell phones in the Facilities Office and residence halls.
  • installed low-flow showerheads in the residence halls to reduce water consumption.
  • installed a new sprinkler system with rain-sensing technology, thereby cutting back on water and energy use.
  • covered office windows with an energy-efficient film that reduces UV rays and heat, lessening demand on our cooling system.
  • upgraded kitchen and laundry facilities with Energy Star–rated appliances as old appliances are cycled out of use.
  • installed CFL bulbs where applicable to reduce energy consumption.
  • formed a Green Committee of students, faculty, and staff.
  • created a student group, JTS EcoReps, to help spread eco-awareness.
  • purchased eco-friendly cleaning products.
  • purchased paper with at least 30% recycled content.
  • encouraged the use of public transportation by taking part in the TransitChek program.

Our Dining Hall is also going green:

  • removed all styrofoam trays and disposable plastic cups in favor of compostable dishware.
  • set up recycling stations for batteries, bottles, and cans.
  • donates unused food to a local homeless shelter.
  • recycles all kitchen waste oil.
  • signed up for the Compass SEED program (Sustainable Eating Environmental Dining) in which we train associates about the importance of sustainability.
  • uses more local produce to reduce potential vehicle emissions.