College life can present challenges to students that are both unique and difficult. Some are manageable, some are not. Many times we can successfully deal with them on our own. In some instances matters get worse and one problem can trigger other more serious issues. At such times, it is wise to check things out and see what is really happening. That’s the purpose of these totally anonymous and voluntary self-assessments.

These questionnaires are designed so you can review your situation with regard to some of the more common mental-health issues. The screenings will not provide a diagnosis—for that you need to see a professional. But they will tell you whether or not you have symptoms that are consistent with a condition or concern that would benefit from further evaluation or treatment. Although the screenings are totally anonymous, please don't hesitate to contact the Counseling Center at (212) 280-6161 with any questions or concerns.

Screenings for Depression, Bipolar Disorder, Alcohol, Eating Disorders, Generalized Anxiety, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder