Session II

Tuesday, May 26—Thursday, June 25, 2015

Unless otherwise indicated, Session II and III courses are taught at the graduate level in English, using original texts, although translations are generally available. Each course earns 3 credits. Session II and III courses meet three days every week (Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday), except for holidays.

All Session II courses are open to participants in the Summer Learners Program.

BIB/ANC/LTG 5534: Worship in Ancient Israel
Benjamin D. Sommer, 9:00–11:40 a.m.

This course examines various forms of worship in biblical Israel (sacrifice as prescribed in the Pentateuch, prose prayer as represented in biblical narratives, and poetic prayers in the book of Psalms) from the point view of comparative religions and ancient Near Eastern studies. The course focuses on critical skills in reading and evaluating secondary literature.

Prerequisite: HEB 5203 and Prior BIB course work are strongly recommended

JGW/MJS/LIT 5752: Contemporary Women's Writing from Israel
Barbara Mann, 1:00–3:40 p.m.

Literature by Israeli women addresses the complexities of Israel's history and its equally confounding present through a variety of narrative genres and styles: historical and detective fiction, surrealism, psychoanalysis, graphic novels, and poetry. We will be analyzing texts with attention to family, national identity, gender, violence, urban life, ethnic relations, religion, and the Shoah. 

JTH/MED 5109: Maimonides and Medieval Medical Ethics
Katja Vehlow, 5:00–7:40 p.m.

This course explores medical and ethical issues in the writings of Moses Maimonides. How was illness defined? Was this evidence-based medicine? Come and see what it meant to practice medicine in medieval Fustat.