The Shalom Spiegel Institute for Medieval Hebrew Poetry

The Spiegel Institute was established in 1996 in memory of Shalom Spiegel (z"l) (1899-1984), one of the greatest scholars of Judaica of his generation and a leading expert in medieval Hebrew literature.

Dr. Spiegel taught at JTS from 1944 until his death 40 years later. The institute carries on Dr. Spiegel's work in medieval Hebrew literature by providing fellowships to graduate students in the field, fostering international research projects, and providing access to the research materials assembled by Dr. Spiegel during his long and distinguished career.

The Spiegel Institute is sponsoring research fellow Dr. David Torollo Sanchez, a specialist in medieval Hebrew literary texts, to spend the 2015-2016 school year at JTS, teaching a course on ethics and pursuing his research.

The Spiegel Institute also sponsors, at irregular intervals, a week-long seminar in medieval Hebrew poetry.