Summer Sessions

The Summer Sessions run in two five-week segments: the first, from late May through late June; the second, from early July to early August. Course offerings generally include Bible, Talmud, Midrash, Jewish literature, Jewish philosophy, Jewish history, and Jewish education. The Summer Sessions faculty consists of distinguished professors from JTS and other academic institutions in North America, Israel, and Europe.

All courses are taught at the graduate level and are awarded three academic credits each, unless otherwise noted. Classes are taught in English using texts in their original language(s); translations are also available. In addition, every summer, JTS offers a ten-week intensive Hebrew Language session. Hebrew is taught through a combination of formal classes and individual tutorial sessions, and is designed to help students at the beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels to improve their written and spoken Hebrew. Students new to JTS are required to take a placement examination in Hebrew. Undergraduate and graduate students from abroad, as well as those entering their senior year in high school, are eligible for admission. Applicants should consult the dean or registrar of their own institutions for credit approval.

Air-conditioned Residence Halls are available, and JTS social and cultural events are provided throughout the two sessions by the Office of Student Life. Information on summer classes, including tuition and fees, can be obtained from the Summer Sessions Office at the beginning of the spring semester by calling (212) 678-8886 or visiting the JTS website.

Auditors and Senior Citizens

Auditors do not earn academic credits and are charged a reduced rate for tuition. Nondegree auditors over the age of sixty-five may receive a 50-percent tuition reduction (subject to change without notice) for up to 3 credits per semester, including the summer session. To qualify for a discount, a tuition exemption form must first be obtained from the Office of Vice Chancellor Michael Greenbaum. Auditing is not permitted for Hebrew courses.